Creepy horror(?) movie in a library

I saw this movie in colour on TV in the ’70s. In it, a woman is trapped at night in a dark library. At one point she tries to get the attention of people on the street from a second floor window but no one outside notices her. She’s particularly frightened by someone or some thing that’s in the library with her (or maybe that detail was her — or my — imagination).

This may have been one story of several in the movie, anthology style, but this is the only story I remember.

7 thoughts on “Creepy horror(?) movie in a library

  1. It is Journey Into the Unknown (1970), an anthology horror film for television. It has two episodes. The one with Vera Miles is the one you remember.

    1. Yes! That’s it!

      Apparently it was a TV series, too, and the scene I remember was from an episode called “Matakitas is Coming.”

      A detail I left out because it seemed like my faulty memory was that the woman was wearing modern (for the time) clothes but the people she was yelling at through the window looked old-fashioned, but I found that scene exactly as I remember it on Youtube (

      Thanks very much, Will!

    2. Good call Will, I was going to say it was episode 8 from the 1st season of Thriller (1973-1976 TV series), which was called File It Under Fear. I think there was also a similar story done on the HBO Tales From the Crypt series.

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