crazy freaky movie

Ok. so best to my recollection I remember e few bits of a few scenes and most of one major scene.

its the 80’s and im about 10 or so give or take, and I am watching a Saturday movie that they ran all the time. u know convoy, orca, jaws, the believers, etc…

there are a group of men and they a grimy and street looking people, hard and tough and they rob banks, now the team is cut throat and viscous but they handle business. when they rob a bank they wear freaky masks, they wear

pigs  (second in command)

rabbit  (helper/friend)

mouse    (helper/friend)

and duck (the leader wore the duck masks and it was freaky and dark not happy and cheery)

after robbing banks they have an issue and the leader ties up one of the others in a dark room and they kill him and go on

some other things happened but they slip my mind right now but I remember the freaky duck and pig masks and the presidents masks but htye were all dirty and tattered, I believe kiefer Sutherland was in it and some others who I cant manage to name right now although any other time I can lol please help me figure this out I have been searching and asking for ove 20 yrs now someone help me and no ITS NOT POINT BREAK……..AND YES I WAS A TEEN WHEN THAT CAME OUT SO and im sure im talking 80s or oldercloser to 70s maybe im not sure but no 90s….

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