Cowgirl Operating on Cowboy

Here is a film or TV still that I am trying to identify that was unlabeled in a book. A blonde cowgirl is using a large knife to operate on a cowboy, probably to remove a bullet or arrowhead. He is being held down by other cowboys. The book was published in 1965, so the film/TV episode must predate that. If you cannot identify the film/TV episode, then perhaps you could identify one of the actors.


4 thoughts on “Cowgirl Operating on Cowboy

    1. Great work Mr. Unknown! You managed to solve another one for me. A million thanks.

      For anyone else who reads this and is curious about the picture, I will identify the actors. The lady is Joan Staley and she is removing a bullet from James Brown (No, not the “Godfather of Soul.”) while Ron Soble (far left) and Gregg Palmer (middle) watch. (Not sure who the 2 guys on the right are.)

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