Courtroom Thriller

A remember seeing a courtroom thriller several decades ago… it was centered around a brutal rape of a woman and the ongoing trial against the presumed perpetrator. He denied doing it and the evidence against him was of circumstantial nature. The suspect had a hot wife who seduced the district attorney so that she could get ahold of the evidence in order to free him… but in the end it didn’t work out as planned (won’t spoil the movie).


I have searched for this movie for so long now… anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.

5 thoughts on “Courtroom Thriller

    1. Much grateful for your comment!

      However, after having previewed “Witness for the Prosecution” I can conclude that this isn’t the movie I’m looking for.

    1. To MAXdB and HBLibrarian: Thanks for your suggestions! However, neither movie suggested is the one I’m looking for.

      Note: The man accused of the crime was white…

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