couple picks up hitchhikers

Saw this movie maybe on prime video within the last year.  English speaking but I think it takes place in europe somewhere.  A couple picks up another couple hitchhiking and then the hitchhiking couple attacks them and leaves them for dead and takes their car.  However the woman does not die and tracks them down at a remote house and seeks revenge.  Can’t think of the name.

2 thoughts on “couple picks up hitchhikers

  1. Looking for a movie. I don’t have a specific scene but I know the basic summary of it. Stranges awaken in a room. A man claims they have been taken by the government because they are known criminals. They have all been put to death except they must vote one person to survive and be freed. There is a twist ending where everyone is an actor except one person. The whole point was to get the real criminals confession.

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