Couple is kissing, then decide they need to talk and get back

I know I’ve seen this scene in something fairly popular several times in the last several years and my title is stupidly vague, but I can’t remember where this is from for the life of me and google is failing me. I’ve watched it at home, but I think it’s a movie. There’s a couple and they are kissing and and then one of them stops the other, grabs them by the shoulders and says, “We have to talk, we need to talk now”, other “Ok”, “OK”, and the other is kind of looking like that’s a lot to ask, then I think they sit on opposite ends of the bed and move onto discussing what’s happening.

I think it’s the guy saying we need to talk, and he’s got darkish hair and kind of a New Yorkish accent. We need to tawlk now… that kind of thing.

I think it would have been released between 2000 and 2020, it’s something fairly recent, popular that I would have watched a lot seeing fairly popular network tv shows.

This sounds like it could be any movie or show, but I can’t find it anywhere and I’ve watched way too many clips trying to find it.

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