Could be a TV show or a movie (but not super old)

As said in the title, this could be a TV show or a movie…but it looks like it was made pretty recently….if its a movie definitely a B-movie.

A few days ago on my friends TV, I happened to glance over and see this scene that was on, I’m not sure what channel nor am I even entire sure it was TV programming to begin with. Sadly I had to leave with them, so all I got to see is what I’m about to describe…

The scene was of this beautiful dirty blonde girl, having sex (TV appropriate, not porn) with some guy indoors to be specific, she was on top straddling. They were kissing when this black slime/ooze started dripping from the side of her mouth. Then it started coming out more until it started splashing all over his face making him fall back and this long alien-like tube tentacle thing shot out of her mouth and latched on to his whole face. He tries to pull it off with his hands but its latched on too hard and its too slimy to get a grip. Eventually, after he goes still, the alien tube thing goes back into her mouth and even the black slime dripping from her mouth down her chin onto her chest seemed to slither its way back into her mouth as well as if it were alive. The guy being suffocated by the alien tube over his face looks to either have have passed out,died, or is being converted to one of her. Still straddling him she tilts her head and gives a devious evil smile…that’s all I remember. The alien/demon/evil tube thingy that came out of her mouth was also black.


I’ve ruled out a movie that had a similar tube thingy “Almost Human” definitely not it.

Any guesses would be appreciated.


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  1. I saw decoys when it first came out, it is similar but it doesn’t come out of their belly buttons, and doesn’t have a bunch of smaller “tenacley” things, but I do have more help, in a feat of straight out luck, i managed to come across a clip of it on youtube when i searched “possessed woman” lol. Theres nothing in the video citing the sources, or anything in the description so i contacted the OP but no response yet.

    It at the 2:59 minutes mark so you can skip to that…also the clip has been edited/cut slightly and doctored to fit whatever the purpose of this video was made for. But for all intensive purposes its not distorted beyond recognition.

    I do have a few corrections for those who don’t want to watch the clip as it is slightly NSFW and the video’s intent seems to be VERY NSFW.

    -Her hair is moreso light brown with blonde highlights.
    -I suspect she may be possessed/corrupted by evil/demon rather than an alien
    -This video also provides a clip before and after the scene I previously described that MAY be part of the same work….i’m kind of terrible with face recognition…so if anyone can verify/support the fact that the girl in 2/3 or all 3 clips is the same person that’s a big step in right direction. It starts at 2:20 and goes all the way to 3:26.

    here’s the clip again NSFW

    P.S. wasn’t aware this was thing people were “into” lol….sorry for the nature of weirdness I just want to find the movie/work lol.

  2. P.P.S. it is because of the fact that if any of the other clips are part of the same work as the scene described that I believe that she is a demon/evil/corrupted not alien or “creature feature”.

  3. The clip you linked actually lists it’s sources at the end. I’m going to guess that the one you’re after is Demon Tongue.

  4. well now…..don’t i feel like the biggest idiot….sure pays to pay attention lol… sir are a gentleman and a scholar. thank you so much….SOLVED. now im going to lay down in my bed turn over and cry for a few days. appreciate it XD

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