1 thought on “Cop smokes joint then reports a car jacking

  1. Ok. So I posted that drunk, but please help. More info…. It’s was on uk tv (itv) we only saw the last few mins of this film which k already posted…anyway

    Cut to scene. A us cop facing a police radio mic. He grins then his hand appears from under the table with a joint. Sparks it. Takes a massive drag then with one full lungful announces a reported crime. Which is slapstick style (airplane) he announces the cop car number and then the police code for the crime and then says the area the crime is reported. E.g car 45 come in car 45 there’s a code 454 happening in 54th and 5th street.
    Cut to the cops in the car who are watching the crime unfold while hearing it over the radio. A car jacking. Then while seeing the cop cars point of biew the dispatcher starts reporting details about the crime before they actually happen.

    Please find this film!

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