Comic Book Artist Battles Aliens from the 1950s

So I saw this movie a good 20 years ago and was one of those movies that should have had an x rating to it, though I think it was just rated r – I can’t remember.  This is what I do remember – be forewarned, it is lengthy.

The movies open with four teenagers in the 50’s getting together: two guys and two girls.  Each of them were as follows:
– Guy 1 was the boss of the group and was always telling everyone what to do.
– Guy 2 was a drunk.
– Girl 1 was highly sexually promiscuous and active.
– Girl 2 was pretty down to earth and seemed to hang with the others because she didn’t fit in anywhere else in life.

While driving to a party or something, they saw something crash and checked it out.  Turns out it was an alien pod and they were taken over by the entity that was in the pod thing.  They determined that it would be a good idea to hibernate for a little while before attempting to take over the world.  Fast forward about 30 or 40 years and we meet our hero: a comic book artist/writer for a popular superhero.

He has a huge fight with his girl who promptly dumps him because he’s obsessed with his writing.  So much so that the first scene with them has them having sex and he abandons her near orgasm because he finally broke through his writer’s block.  Shortly after she leaves him, he manages to get her to meet him for lunch and talk about their relationship.  During their conversation, the four aliens appear still dressed like it’s the 50s.  He mentions that they walked out of a time warp and begins drawing their likenesses.  Much to his girlfriend’s disgust, she leaves him once more because he’s unable to think about anything except his comic book.

I forget the next part but his girl gets inhabited by an alien police officer looking for the four aliens that escaped years ago – the 50’s teens – and reveals that they have regenerative powers.  Because he began incorporating the teens into the comic book, it was logical for the alien cop to inhabit her body to approach him to enlist his aid in finding and defeating these criminals.  There are times that he prompts her for sex but she keeps rejecting him – something about even though the officer her, their alien physiologies are different and no one what would happen.

Girl 1 decides she wants some action and goes out looking for it because boss guy won’t give her any.  She finds a lucky guy and they get a room together.  At the end of their session, he ends up dying and looks like he was dipped in acid.  Hearing of this, the alien cop and comic book artist stake the place out in case she comes back.  She does after coercing an earth cop for a round in the bedroom.  Alien chick gets decapitated and runs out into the streets.  They shove her headless body into a trash compactor and kill her.  Comic Book artist writes about this in his superhero comic and he publisher says something like “He really uses a garbage truck to beat her?” “Well [hero’s name] uses what’s available at times.”

Boss alien sends out drunk alien to get something and orders him not to drink anything.  Drunk alien does and he gets found by alien cop and comic artist.  He gets his foot shot off and attempts to regrow, but because he’s so drunk he regrows a hand instead of a foot – which is also said by the publisher while laughing about it.  He soon gets killed afterwords.  Modest alien chick decides she wants to turn herself in peacefully.  When she meets with alien cop, boss alien kills her and finds out how his crew is being killed off.

I forget the rest of the movie, but I hope this synopsis helps in identifying.

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