Comedy about Struggling Comedian

I saw this movie (comedy) on Netflix.  About a struggling comedian (who is unknown or at least unpopular).  I think the movie was part documentary and part skits. One of those skits is the comedian’s inside his agent’s office, in which the agent is lying to his client about being able to find him work (because the joke is the comedian isn’t very good) and when the agent is on the computer, he’s very obviously “fake typing”, to where the comedian calls him on it and says, “you’re not even typing anything! You’re just smacking the keyboard” (something to that effect).  That’s all I remember!  Please help!

4 thoughts on “Comedy about Struggling Comedian

  1. Flight of the Conchords? I don’t recall that specific scene but it sounds exactly like the show.

    Normally the duo visit their useless agent together but there was an episode or two when they had broken up and were visiting their agent individually.

  2. No, this is definitely a movie. The title references stand-up in some way, like “Comedy is Hard” or “Stand Up, Fall Down” or something. (I totally made those titles up) thanks though!

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