coma or while you were gone i think



There’s this one guy who’s life perfect and planning to study aboard so he’s leaving the next day.. than he went to party last night and when he coming back to his home hit by a car or some fight with kids i dont remember.. and he went to coma.. and there’s Thz girl who’s always wearing hoddie covering her hair was suspected for the boys accdent..


The boy who was in coma guides her to some things i dont rmember.


And in the climax that girl came to hospital..take out the hoodie her hair was falling… in the whole movie were we saw her hair was in that scean..and she went close to the boy bed in hospital slowly slept nxt to him and she hugs him.. and than the boy wakes from coma and the girl die..


I forgot the title of Thz movie.. i have been searching for Thz movie from the past few months !!

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