College Students & A Cult

I saw this movie in the mid 2000s but it might have been made a bit earlier. It was in English, looked like an American film. I saw it on tv and it was definitely a film not a TV episode, but it might have been one of those direct-to-DVD release. Definitely in colour. I remember the plot quite clearly but have been unable to find out what it was called. A group of 4 or 5 college students (or just graduated from high school) go to a rave party somewhere rural. They are stalked by a mysterious cult. There’s your typical blonde girl and the brunette heroin. At one point the group come across another girl, who if I remember correctly turned out to be a member of the cult. At one point the blonde girl comforts her by saying something along the lines of her father being in the navy or army and that he would kick the cult’s ass. The blonde girl was later sacrificed in a barn while her boyfriend was forced to watch. Meanwhile the other guy and girl try to get to them but don’t manage to get there on time. I’m also quite sure that the ending was a flash forward to a few weeks or months later where the heroine is attacked in her apartment and the movie ends there. Hope someone can help me figure this one out.


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  1. RS has solved many other users questions so it’s nice that he gets paid back with one of his own answered. Thanks sandnc!

    1. If you go to the post on this site, and link to the answer on the other site, and it’s 100% clear it’s the same asker, I will mark them “solved” and give you credit.

  2. Hey, don’t feel so bad! I only get a confirm out of 30 answers! Some get 4 or 5 in a day, it’s all part of being Americans where most people are rude and ungrateful. It is frustrating but it’s not like we’re making a commission or anything!

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