Chinese/Taiwanese movie with red laser grid

– A group of people (maybe all cops) were trying to get to the other side of a room that was protected with a red laser grid. A woman (pretty sure she was a cop) went through the grid, avoiding the laser beams. She laid on the ground and tried to slide under a laser beam. Her boobs were too big so she took out her breast implants (I mean breast size increasing pads). The other people saw this. She tried to slide under the laser beam again, but they were still too big so she took out 2 more breast implants.

– I think the woman was a cop, either way she was a good character.

– Color, saw it on TV in Taiwan in spring 2014, probably made somewhere in 1990-present. They spoke Mandarin (I think) or Cantonese.

– It was not a gory movie, probably suitable for all ages or 12+.

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