chinese movie about a chef who poisons his village

the movie begins with the chef and a bunch of people preparing a feast for a ceremony in the village but he was handed poison instead of salt or something and ended up unwittingly killing everyone. in the movie theres a lady who has an amazing sense of taste and can identify a dish by just smelling it too. also theres a newbie chef who meets the runaway chef and he teaches him these skills and at one point in the movie they assemble a team for a culinary competition and that’s all i remember

at the beginning of the culinary competition i remember they had to pick ingredients and one of the team members looked at a raw chicken and it kind of floated up and turned into a cgi xray rotating chicken

i watched this movie about 4-8 years ago on a coach when i was on holiday in taiwan but the movie is probably much older than that. it was a colour movie

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