childs ghost

ok this movie was set in the 90’s…I think. Also may have been a TV movie. It was about a child who’s mother allowed him/her to take a toy to bed. This was a pull you and the child died because the string from the toy wrapped around his neck and strangled him to death. The child’s ghost comes back and I think may speak to the mom or something??

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        1. There is a page up for it, but it says “content unavailable.” I’m unaware of anywhere streaming this movie, and it never seems to have been released on physical media, either. Hopefully Tubi will get it sorted out in the future.

  1. I remember this movie, I agree that it’s Reunion. The boy had a bad dream and wanted to take his wooden pull toy horse to bed with him (which was a really dumb choice to begin with). The mother and father heard him crying, but the father told her not go because he needed to learn to sleep though the night or something, plus I think they were about to have sex. Later the kid comes back and communicates with his mother.

  2. U randomly woke up in the middle of the night as a teenager and turned the television on as I couldn’t sleep and this film happened to be on and absolutely captivated me, struggling to find the name.

    1. Anthony…the name of the movie is Reunion. I am not sure if you could see the previous comments but it was solved 🙂

  3. I am SO glad to have found this!!! I watched this as a very young child and could remember very little, but knew he had strangled to death by the string on a toy. Thank you for sharing!!! Have solved a long time mystery for me, lol!!!

  4. U just solved the story of my life.. hv been looking for the name of that movie for close to 10 years now

  5. I have been trying to figure this out for SO long. All I could remember was it was storming, and the boy wanted his pull toy. The parents let him sleep with it and it got wrapped around his neck, and he dies. That is all I ever could remember. It traumatized me! THIS movie is the reason why I never allowed any of my kids to sleep with a hoodie on, headphones, or anything with a rope or string on it.

    1. SAME!! Just tonight my daughter had a cat toy with a string at bedtime and the horrible scene from that movie flashed in my head and of course I took the toy from her. I must have seen it on TV as a kid as well and it has always stuck with me. But as an adult I questioned if it even was a real movie or if I remembered it right. So glad I found this.

    1. This is a post from 2015 and the poster agreed that the film they were looking for was Reunion. If you’re looking for a similar but different movie, you’ll need to start your own post.

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