Children’s movie memory?

I’m trying to remember a film or TV show that I would have seen on TV/video as a child – mid 90s-mid00s. It was in English, American. The protagonist(s) are kids whow,  in one scene, find themselves walking down a very neat, idyllic street. All of the neighbourhood kids go out for playtime at exactly the same time, all bouncing bald or skipping really slowly in unison. The main characters ask one of the kids for help, and the kid tells them that if they need help they should go to ‘central core’. Later we see one of the kids informing a guard or policeman that he thinks the main characters are foreigners because they don’t know about central core. At one point it zooms out to show that central core is the pupil of a city shaped like an eye. This may have been a small scene in a longer adventure.

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