childhood animated movie

I remember seeing this movie a few times but sadly, never saw it again and soon began to forget this once loved tale.  All I can really remember (which isn’t much) is there was a guy with brown hair (possibly glasses). I feel also feel like the plot and setting was simliar to treasure planet. So, this guy had friends (and a blonde girl was one of them) and they were all on this ship. A sea monster soon came and attacked them! There is also an adorable little pug that these “friends ” had. I’m not sure whether or not it was the pug (or even in this scene) that ripped a hole in the brown haired man’s pants and I know the movie showed pink heart boxers inside the rip/tear in this man’s pants. I then believe the pug was running around with the tore off pants in his mouth.

That’s all I can really remember. OH WAIT! (If I can remember correctly, the movie cover for this movie had all these characters and even the pug carrying the torn off pants in his mouth!) I’m not sure whether or not anyone remembers my childhood favorite… Hopefully this movie has been loved by other and won’t be forgotten and lost in history! I appreciate you guys trying to help me also. This has just been bugging me for awhile now so I would GREATLY appreciate a beloved answer!! THANKS AGAIN!

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