Child Detective Film (What was it called?)

I’ve been trying to track down a film I used to watch relentlessly, but I can’t remember it in enough detail, and the name escapes me. I recall it being a series of films, actually, and one of them entailed a group of friends going to an old abandoned manor house, where there were secret passage ways (etc). I recall there being big significance in the steam pipes that went around the house, with a control box by the front doors, and a scene where one of the children opens a globe-like thing in a study and finds switches of some sort. I also vaguely remember the concept of there being bottles filled with fire retardant liquid that one of the children covered themselves in to be able to pass safely through some flames in a fireplace to get to a secret room behind. May have been the same film, or a sequel, but I also recall there being a part where the sheriff of the area locks one of the children in a cage/cell out the back of his house, and the young daughter of the sheriff being infatuated with the guy.

It was an English-speaking film, likely American made, in colour, and used to quite commonly be on the TV in the UK. I’d say it was 90’s, and certainly no later than early 00’s in release.

Not a whole lot to go on but if anyone knows, please help!

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