Chick escapes macerator in old short film: help!

Back in the mid-70s, I remember seeing a short film that disturbed the crap out of my little mind.  It dealt with a little yellow chick hatching from an egg, then being dumped on an assembly line that ended in a grinder (later I learned they call it a ‘macerator’.  I remember the chick was bright yellow whilst all the other chicks, including the ones being ground up (yes, it was graphic) were grey.  The film follows the chick as he struggles to escape and finally succeeds, leaving the factory through a door and entering the countryside.  My memory might be a little fuzzy (no pun intended) on the details, but that’s the basic plot.  There was no dialogue or narration, only classical music, if I remember correctly.  Any help with this would be great!  This site helped me find ‘Glitterball’, another forgotten gem from my childhood, so I have faith it’ll work again!


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