Cheesy 70s/80s fantasy film

I saw this horrible fantasy movie in 2011 or 2012; a local comicon showed it as kind of a Mystery Science Theatre type event. It was pretty 80s if I remember correctly, although it could have been late 70s – I have no idea. It was in English, in colour, and roughly an hour and a half long.

It was about a group of 4 or 5 people, mainly dudes, in a medieval-ish setting. They were probably looking for some sort of magic sword or artifact. Some of them were spellcasters, with the accompanying laughable sfx – lots of cheap coloured beams and auras. (I seem to remember a lot of sparkles, though I’m not sure.) All I can remember is a bit towards the end: the characters were all transported to this weird hellish dimension, and there was a preposterous fight scene on a bridge above a cavernous pit. I’m fairly certain someone fell off the bridge and died.

I can’t remember the title of this movie for the life of me, and I can’t find a schedule from the con that might help me locate it. Pity, because it was really crap and I’d love to watch it again for laughs.

4 thoughts on “Cheesy 70s/80s fantasy film

  1. OP here – don’t think it’s Krull. Watched a few clips of it and they don’t match what I remember. There wasn’t any futuristic technology involved in the movie, it was all pretty medieval-ish.

    Here’s another detail if it helps – I think there was some sort of magical gate at some point, possibly glowing white and/or made of stone? (I remember laughing at it because it reminded me of the magic stone featured in the cinematic classic Troll 2.)

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