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(Warning: Violent gore content ! ) Scene from a movie I can’t remember

Two guys meet with some maffia or a gang in a house.

They get separated and one of them is let into a big dining hall. After they let him wait for a couple of minutes, they bring in a big trash can with a foor sticking out.

He then realises its the guy he came with (his friend possibly), and he freaks out and even throws up if I’m not mistaken.

Please help me remember the name of this movie! Thanks ūüôā

Evil legacy hunter wants to get inheritance from recently orphaned children

Film Production Date: Probably before 2012
Film is in: Color
Setting: A bit dark, a bit fantasy like. Time: pre-Internet
Actors: VERY MAYBE Johnny Depp and two children as main characters.

The main characters are two children, who probably recently lost
their mother or other legal guardian. The third character is an
evil man, maybe an uncle or a “friend” of the decedent parent, who
tries to get something from the kids, maybe he’s a legacy hunter.

Scenes I remember:

  • The evil man shows the kids a handwritten note (maybe a
    testament) which he claims was written by the kids’ mother/legal guardian. The kids, however, notice the terrible grammar of the
    note and remark that their mother/legal guardian was very fussy
    about correct grammar and would never have written that way.
  • The old house the kids live in, which is built near a cliff,
    disintegrates (in a storm?), and the kids are in danger of falling
    of the cliff.
  • It seems that the evil man needs a signature for some document,
    so he tries to trick the kids into signing it. I think it’s
    a marriage contract of some kind (wtf?) which somehow enables
    the evil guy to get what he wants.The trick is like this: The kids (or are there other kids involved?
    I cannot remember …) perform a play on stage and during that
    play, they sign something, not knowing that it is the important
    document the evil guy needs signed.

Any help appreciated!

Two shy teens cluelessly try to have sex / handjob for the first time (SFW)

Film Production Date: Unknown
Film is in: Color
Setting: Probably pre-Internet
Actors: VERY MAYBE Sarah Michelle Gellar and Matthew Broderick, both quite young (teens)

I have seen only one scene of this movie (or TV series episode?)
that circulated the net as animated GIF with (yellow/white?
subtitles), maybe on or a similar site.

The scene goes like this:

  • A young girl and a young boy (both 12-16, I’d guess),
    both half-dressed, seemingly a bit shy and totally clueless about
    sex, try to have either sex or perform a handjob on the boy. They
    stand in a simply furnished room with (IIRC) not much more than
    a bed, a chair and maybe a table.
  • They alternately make suggestions (more like guesses) how to
    go about it. When the boy makes a suggestion, he repeatedly
    refers to horses (“like I’ve seen horses do”, something along
    those lines).
  • One of the suggestions is that the girl should stand on a
  • At one point, the girl tells the boy to stop making references
    to horses.
  • At one point, the girl removes her bra (no nudity is
    shown, thanks to the camera perspective / clipping).
  • At the end of the scene, the girl is seen having her hands near/in
    the boy’s genital area and remarking something like “oh, only so
    little (liquid)?”.

The girl had a “smiling dimple” that reminded me of Sarah Michelle
Gellar, but I’m absolutely unsure. Even more so with Matthew Broderick.

Any help appreciated!

80s sci-fi movie about an American military test pilot who sits with a psychiatrist after a crash to talk…

…about the flight and life and death

1980s film in English.

An American military test pilot has been involved in a crash and sits with a psychiatrist to debrief about the flight.

Spoiler alert:

We cut between the conversation and scenes of the flight and crash, during the movie.

The end scene is a splice of the philosophical questions of life and death and answers of the conversation, we learn that the pilot never survived the crash.

I think at one point the pilot tries to touch the psychiatrist on the face to see if he’s real.

The pilot reminded me of Roy Scheider, but I could be wrong.


Demon in human form threatens assistant by transforming her into an obese form of herself

I’m almost sure this is easy… 80s or 90s weird horror movie. There was this well-dressed guy who was either a demon, or devil, or sorcerer, or wielder of some dark power; I can’t remember his intentions, take over the world or whatever; at a given point, his assistant, an attractive young woman, starts answering back, and he transforms her into a massive blob, with animal features, if I’m not mistaken. Then he walks away and she reverts to her original form. Can’t remember if in the end he becomes a monster or not…

Animated movie, young boy & girl fall down hole, old man in hole tries to turn them into toadstools

The movie was about a young boy and girl who are on some kind of mystical adventure and they stumble (quite literally if I recall) upon a stump in the forest and a hole that they fall down into. Down in the hole is an old magician/professor type who uses his secretive spot to trap kids and then using magic of some sort, turns these little kids into toadstool versions of themselves. I know that much because I recall a male and two female toadstools doing a dance and singing something very much to that direct point (we’re gonna turn you into A TOADSTOOL)…whatever. The male toadstool was wearing a sleeveless vest. So that’s what I’ve got. Now having done searches for this on my own to no avail (for YEARS UPON YEARS) I can assure you that I am not remembering the dancing toadstools from Disneys Fantasia, that is not it!
So any help anyone might be able to share would be great….

Movie involving a video game maker and a hostage situation…

So I have searched ALL over the web and nobody seems to know about this movie, and nothing about it pops up anywhere that I can find. I remember it was fairly recent because I watched it on Netflix and it was a movie in color and in english. It also had references to fairly newer video games that are played today.

I remember there was a man who was a video game designer that created his own game. His wife ends up being taken and held hostage, but is only allowed to speak to him over the phone. In order to save her, he must contact¬†the world’s top 5 video gamers to play through his game and get him to the end in 24hrs.

This is all I can really remember but my brother and I would REALLY like to see it again if anyone knows the name. Thank you.

80s-90s B-Horror about a lake that people/things keep disappearing in.

Hi, I remember watching this around 1990. ¬†I believe it was American and in color. ¬†If my memory serves me well, the lake is situated near a small rural town and people keep going missing. ¬†The locals think it’s a monster, but in the end the main protagonist finds out it’s an old piece of construction machinery that is somehow moving around because of air bubbles or a current or something.

pre-early 90s movie

i only remember one scene:

setting is some kind of sci-fi-esque throne room. ¬†there is a male villain presiding over the room. ¬†he kidnaps women. ¬†two guards present at least one woman(maybe three) to the villain. ¬†the woman/women are wearing what looks like strips of black masking tape. ¬†the villain instructs the guards to peal off the masking take piece by piece starting at the woman’s waist. ¬†he then gestures to remove the tape over her chest. ¬†scene cuts.

one line that seems to stick out in my mind “i hate it when they’re missing limbs.”

thanks in advance for any help!

A Movie With Four Male Friends in a Cabin

A movie where a boy kills his crazy mother who, later (several years?) , go to a cabin with 3 male friends. While out in the woods, the men discover a strange area which, for whatever reason, allows them to hear everything within the zone no matter how far away they were. Spending time in this zone slowly makes them go insane and they begin to do crazy things like scalp one friend and fire a nail gun at the other and they’re all totally cool with it. One character looks like Bradley Cooper.

80s movie about AI. In the ending of the movie, protesters storm an auditorium and the AI addresses…

…humanity with a message

80s sci-fi movie about AI. Seemed to be set in the UK. In English.

In the ending of the movie, protesters storm an auditorium and the AI addresses humanity with a message.

The last sentence is repeated a few times, something like “Good Tidings to All”.

Then the movie ends.

I’ve only seen the end of the movie.


approx 1992 action movie – starts with a undercover cop scene, with the cop wearing a microphone…

…and two cops listening in a car

Action movie approx 1992, English.

The movie begins with an undercover cop about to meet with an underworld figure for a deal.

The cop has a microphone strapped to him, and two cops are waiting in a car nearby and listening.

The meeting begins, a woman asks the undercover cop to take off his clothes to prove he’s not a cop. He asks her to do the same.

They both begin to take their clothes off, meanwhile the cops in the car are surprised he has managed to hide the microphone.

Quotes I remember are:

Cop in car says to the other [when undercover cop is asked to take his clothes off]: “10 to 1 [odds] he doesn’t take his clothes off”.

90s movie: Guy always ordering rum and coke

I think this movie came out in the 90s. It is in English and color. It had something to do with a childhood friend of this guy gets invited to his party. The guy is really awkward and doesn’t fit in with the in-crowd. He is always ordering rum and cokes. His friend that invites him is successful and engaged I think.

Towards the end of the movie the two guys end up having sex I think.

fantasy/sci-fi movie

Hi, Im looking for a movie, not very old( prob between 1980-2005), only remember a scene , there’s a guy(maybe hired, a hunter or sth) fighting a monster(maybe has a moment when the guy throws some sort of shurikens which blades come out mid way)) and cuts off the monsters arm(instead of hair it has some sort of little tentacles or spikes,the arms color purple or grey I think) and hangs it up for everyone to see.

1950s or 60s Ghost Comedy Movie. Color, saw it on TV back in 1989 (Disney channel I think,

I only saw the last 30 min or so of this film, probably made in the early 1960s (or even 1950s) in color. It was mostly a comedy. There was a funny ghost lady who wanted a man, kind of introverted with a mustache and wearing a suit, to help her solve a mystery (probably about her own death). A few scenes I remember.

-The man is in a mansion with a group of people. A lady is sitting in a chair in the middle of the room, the lights go off, you hear a scream, the lights come on and the lady is gone.

-Everyone is a suspect and the quiet man figures out it was another man who pulled a switch by the fireplace to cause the chair in the middle of the room to fall backwards into a trap door where the person would fall way down into an underground cave with a lake at the bottom.

-The ghost lady can make herself invisible and punches some bad guys in the face who can’t see her.

-There’s a black man (a servant) who sits in the chair a few times but someone pulls the switch which sends him down into the underground lake. There’s even a scene where he’s explaining to the rich old lady what happened to him in the seat, and he gets sent down again. She comments “that’s funny, why didn’t he just take the door”.

-A scene where the good guy asks the bad guy to sit in the chair with everyone in the room and begins reaching for the switch near the fireplace which makes the bad guy nervous who pulls out a gun and tries to escape.

Those are the details I can remember (I was only 8 at the time). It was a typical 1960s comedy.

-There’s a car chase resulting in the bad guy crashing and getting killed. His ghost leaves his body and the lady ghost confronts him making him apologize to her and later to the black guy who he dumped at least twice.

Weird Science (biker scene) meets Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

As the title states, this mid-80 to mid-90s movie has a reminiscence of both of those movies.¬† From what I can remember, two teens are home and something happens (magical device).¬† I’m not sure if they find a secret door or if a jungle/forest starts growing in their house (This jungle/forest part happens for sure as they walk through it for a scene later in the movie).

They come across/save a native girl at one point.¬† I’m not sure if she is white or¬† more tanned skin to be associate with the natives and she is quite attractive from what I can remember.¬† I don’t think she speaks much English, broken English, or say anything at all.¬† I think initially she didn’t like the guys, but as the movie goes along her and the one teen start to share an attraction.¬† They also come across a baby dinosaur type creature, I’m not sure if he has an egg with him or something.¬† They are trying to protect the girl and/or the dinosaur creature from the natives in this world.¬† I’m not sure if they are trying to rescue the girl first or if they met up then the girl got taken away by the natives then they rescue her.

The end of the movie they escape.¬† The one teen and the native stay together, but I’m not sure if they return back to the normal life or stay in the place they escaped from.¬† I’m not sure if the baby dinosaur creature stays or returns either.¬† Their house turns back to normal afterwards.¬† This movie was a more mainstream movie, I think I saw it on tv a handful of times during that era.¬† I’m thinking that it didn’t become real popular, but it should definitely be considered a cult classic.

I’ll keep looking to try and pin point it down, but thanks for helping also.¬† I don’t think these are the actors (above), as I scanned through their movies (I could have missed it though, I will double check).¬† These two actors kind of remind me of the lead actor, I think his friend was just ever so slightly nerdy looking.