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movie with high tech strength enhancing backpack

All I remember is that within the movie they created some backpack like device that makes people stronger and faster with an effect of the persons voice sounding different while using it.

Scene wise, I remember one where the “bad guys” are controlling the main character’s(a teenager I think) dad by having him where one of the backpack devices while the person controlling him has some kind of special outfit on so that whatever the controller does the father is forced to mimic.

Also, I remember a scene where the main character is on his bicycle on the interstate while wearing one of the backpack devices and he uses it to petal so that he is going like 70mph or something.

I would have seen it somewhere between 5-15 years ago though I have no idea how old it was at the time I saw it.

Horror Movie help

A movie seen in the early 90’s on tv. Pretty sure it was from the early 90’s, if anything, the late 80’s.

There was a scene where a woman was pinning a girl down in a full mount and holding down her arms. They’re in the backyard of a house and it’s brightly lit from the lights and the pools lanterns. Then a closeup of the woman’s chest shows something crawling up from the inside. From her mouth, a centipede-looking thing comes out of her mouth and she tries to pass it into the girl’s mouth.

Two people then run out, a girl (mother? sister? cousin? friend?) and a guy. They knock her into the pool and the guy chucks a propane tank in, too. He shoots the tank with a gun and it explodes, killing her.

There was also an earlier scene in which someone was pointing a gun at the woman and she dared them to shoot her. When they shot her in the head, she just leaned back and raised her head back up with a new bullet wound.

Horror/Slasher Babysitter movie help

Okay, this one is going to be packed with random info. I saw this movie on television in the early 90’s when I was 4-5 .

The movie was in English and it was in color.

I would say the movie is probably from somewhere in the early-to-mid 80’s.

A boy walks into a room and notices someone sleeping (or dead) and takes an item from them and walks out. He’s shown to be the stereotypical nerd with glasses and a tucked in, button up shirt. There were scenes of him putting on headphones and tinkering around with what seemed to be a giant computer or radio system.

In one class, a bully teases him and he makes a mixture in a beaker and pours it on the bully’s arm. Turns out it was acid.

Later on at home, the parents are going out and hire an older woman to babysit him and his sister. One scene has the woman pouring milk for her kitten and puts a box over it as its drinking, but later when she lifts up the box, the kitten is gone. I think the boy appears holding and petting it before her.

The boy is shown in either the front yard or backyard, setting up a light sensor system. The bully shows up later, now with a bandaged hand and crosses the sensor, alerting the boy. I think they end up in the garage when the boy shows up with a sword and spiked helmet. A piece of wood or cardboard falls when they scuffle and the bully tries to push it forward but the boy stabs the sword through, killing the bully.

Don’t remember how it starts, but the boy and the babysitter fights and he ends up throwing her kitten into the fire. When she’s crying over it, he knocks her out (i think). As she’s on the ground, he gloats and pours alcohol/wine on her face/head. She gets up and I think they fight a bit more and she pushes him. He falls on top of the spiked helmet from earlier and crawls away.

The parents come home and she doesn’t respond to them and gets her bike to leave, all the while they’re yelling that she drank all the alcohol.

A closeup of the boy’s face is seen staring off into space and we realize he is dead. A hand reaches for his glasses and we see the little sister putting them on. She sits herself down in front of the computer/radio and puts on headphones as the scene freezes and fades out.

Movie about a boy and and old man who tells him stories about leprechauns

There is a movie that I saw approximately in the early 2000s (though I feel as if the movie could possibly be older than that)

It was about a young boy who had a mother that was neglectful. I believe he begins a relationship with a neighbor, an older gentleman, who tells the boy stories to entertain him. So basically the boy becomes closer with the older man, than he does with his mother. The mother is always worried about their finances. The old man tells the boy that there are leprechauns that left him gold, and that he has to wait for it. The movie ends with the man giving him the money (I’m not sure if that is quite right but the boy ends up with the money). The old man has to go away. There is a scene where the boy is throwing all the money from his pockets onto the floor in front of his mom saying something like “The leprechauns took him away”. I think the final scene was of the old man in a car driving away.

Now I am POSITIVE that this movie is not a fantasy, upbeat type of movie. I saw it when I was about 10, and all the subplot and allusions flew above my head. But the movie did imply that the old man was wanted for something, or was being looked for. Can anyone help me?



Early 2000’s(?) suspense film, seen on TV.

Watched in Winter of 2003. Set in a summer, a man, a boy, and a girl, the boy’s best friend. The boy lived in a house-apartment kind of place. The man looked mysterious, but kind at the same time. He once asked the kid to bring him the newspaper everyday. The boy started to trust him and started to read it to him. The man told him to tell him if  he ever saw something wrong on the streets, since he was a clairvoyant and whenever he touched you he could see your past and future. At the end it is revealed that the government is looking for him, they get him.

A film or TV mini-series about a cult

Colour, possibly made for TV in the 1970s or 80s. In English. The one scene I remember was when the cult leader, a small, skinny elderly but healthy guy with no hair and dark eyebrows, dressed in white, visits the cult chapter personally, and all the young people there are enthralled. There were black and white banners simply with his picture on all round the room. I think it centred around the family if a young person who had been drawn into the cult trying to get them out, and if I recall was done in an almost documentary 16mm style more akin to Canadian output than US. It’s not Split Image or Ticket To Heaven, which don’t have the same cult leader.

Flash Gun Killer

I’m trying to find the name of a film, whereby a killer is bumping people off; he/she uses a high power flash gun, possibly attached to a camera to stun the victim, rendering them helpless.  They become delirious and unable to defend themselves.  It was in colour, either 1980s or 1970s.  English Language.

Early 80s sci-fi movie about friendly alien

Help! I have been trying to find out the name of this movie for years.  Saw it on British television in 1983, I believe it was on ITV during the mid-afternoon.  It was about a human-like alien who visits a small town in a very  cold and snowy country (Canada?  Sweden?  Someplace not in the U.S.)  He befriends two children in the town, who attempt to hide him from the authorities until he can repair his spaceship and leave.  The two kids are a boy and girl (possibly brother and sister).  In the film, the kids visit the alien on his spaceship and he shows them a machine that blows bubbles and candy into the air.  Towards the end of the film, the alien gets his spaceship working and he flies away, watching the kids and town through his monitor.  It was shown probably to tie-in with all the E.T. hysteria going on at the time (it was in theaters when this was aired).  It looked like it was foreign made, but I’m pretty sure the cast was speaking English and wasn’t dubbed (although I’m not 100% sure on that).  Has anyone ever seen this film or have any idea what it is called???  It’s been driving me crazy for 30 years!

80s Sci-Fi


Been trying for sometime to track down a film I saw on TV in the UK as a child in the early/mid 1980s. It was an American film, Sci-Fi feel, set in the ‘future’. The film was in colour, pretty sure it was feature length. The main thing I remember is a key plot device that features several key member if the cast being ‘frozen’ mid-task by something or someone. They’d come to later on wondering what on earth had just passed. Maybe a mind-control type thing. Eg, one screen involved a character , at home, opening his freezer one minute, then cutting to him staring in to a freezer with the content all melted. Another scene involved a man watching a film in a controlled environment – not dissimilar to famous scenes in Parallax View or Clockwork Orange- his eye movements were being scanned and monitored and the results of exactly what part of the projected image he was looking at we’re relayed to him by a guy-with-a-clipboard type character.

Came across the film Brainfreeze a while back and thought that might have been what I was looking for. It wasn’t, but had a similar feel.

Would dearly love to see this film again. Any suggestions? Thanks!


B & W Movie, Young Couple, A Gangster Named Candy

So I saw this movie probably around 1979. It was a B & W movie set in the 1920’s Gangster era as can be told by the clothing and the cars.

It starts out with this young high school couple at a party and the male is getting very drunk, they both leave the party and he’s driving (no shocker there, they can’t crash unless he drives). You guessed it, they crash coming around a corner into a tree. I can’t remember if they were found, but the girl ends up at this old farmhouse and being held hostage by a gangster (although she’s not tied up, she’s being well taken care of by the gangster, but she’s a prisoner none-the-less), I believe his name was Candy. I believe her boyfriend might have been there with her at first, but I’m not sure. He does come back for her, and thats really all I can remember. Help…….

Movie about a killer

So, I saw this movie in the early to mid 2000’s (2005?) A friend and I rented it from a movie store, from the horror/thriller section. It was an American movie, color, not sure when it was made, but couldn’t have been before ’98.  I don’t remember any of the actors being well known, and it may have been a direct to DVD deal.

I only really remember it was about a young man, early 20’s, who was a murderer. I think he killed /tortured hikers or campers in the woods he lived near(maybe, I may be misremembering that.). I do remember that he was a local boy, had some trouble with the local law, and he wore a leather jacket and boots, either cowboy or motorcycle.  I think he put crushed beer cans or paper in his boots to make him taller. He was a psychopath or sociopath, bad dude, very creepy. His name might have been Ray, or Roy(?). But, I think it was based on a true story.

I know that this isn’t much to go on, but it’s been bugging me that I can’t remember anymore than this vague information.  Thanks.



Japanese Crime/Horror Movie

A few years ago I happened upon a Japanese movie – quite recent, in color and very well done.  It involved a Japanese police homicide detective who went to work every day on a ferry, and as he travelled he began to see a face in the window of an abandoned warehouse.  The face became more and more clear every day, and it to be a woman screaming for help.  Of course, he investigated the warehouse, but found nothing on the first trip.  He returned, and the woman materialized out of a puddle of water on the floor, and then disappeared again.  After this, she would appear everytime he spilled water or tea on the floor of his apartment, or walked by a rain puddle in the street.  Very weird, and unfortunately I had someplace to go and never saw the end of it.  Dying to know if anyone recognizes it.  Thanks!

Dog and cat turning into ladies

This is a movie I remember seeing as a kid – probably in the mid-80s or so. However, I think the movie is much older than that, as it’s in black and white. I saw it on TV, and it was in English, but I have no idea about the title at all.

Anyway, what I remember is that it’s about a couple of kids. In their house, they have both a cat and a dog. Somewhere in the movie, the dog turns into a somewhat ghost-like lady of light who is trying to help the kids as much as she can with whatever it is they’re doing (and I really don’t remember what sort of “task” they had/what the plot was about), but I’m unsure whether the kids are aware that the lady of light is really their dog, as they also see just the dog sometimes. Similarly, the cat also turns into a lady at some point, but this one appears to be a direct counterpart to the lady of light, and she is constantly up to something evil, trying to deter the “good” plans. I especially remember a scene where something is supposed to happen at midnight (unless it gets prevented by then?), and the cat lady goes to tinker with a big clock (on a church? near a cemetery?) in order to make it seem like midnight is further away than it really is.

I also seem to remember my aunt telling me that this movie is part of a set or series, and that she had also seen others (with the lady of light and cat lady of darkness, supposedly).

Recent Gory Foreign French Film Skin Diseased Girl in Apartment

Right so this film is recent and modern (2010 and up). I know for sure it is not American actress or actors, I believe it is French in nature. Film revolves around a young woman that is stuck in her apartment because she has a skin disease/condition that causes her to deteriorate from the inside out. Her body starts to rot basically.. and I remember towards the end of film the apartment is a massive bloody mess and she is in the bath tub and there’s just gore everywhere. Sick I know, but I can’t remember the name for anything.. I vaguely remember the letters “Metam—” or something like that as the title, I think it was a one word title. Please help!

Space Movie – SciFi Original? 2005(ish)

Deep space movie with a young man and woman who are pilots for a shipping / transport company? They bring some type of ‘alien artifact’ on board their ship, it emits a pulse that starts to make them sick. They discover the ‘alien artifact’ is actually US property and possibly some type of weapon. The young man has to do a space walk for some reason and his suit malfunctions becoming very cold. He discovers that the cold temperature somehow reduces the sickness caused by the ‘alien artifact’. That is about all I can remember. I have searched and searched online, and cannot find this movie. Thanks in advance!

1970s Horror Movie in the Country, Hippie-ish

I’m looking for the title of a low-budget 1970s horror movie. It was a title I “rented” for free via Comcast’s OnDemand service (maybe back in 2012?).

Anyway, like I said, the movie is probably from the early/mid-1970s, it’s American. In it, a couple and their male friend go to the country and are staying in an old farmhouse. At some point they meet up with a mysterious young woman. The single friend is attracted to her.

Eventually, it becomes clear that the mysterious young woman is a ghost/witch/supernatural. I remember they find an old photograph from the 1800s with her in it.

I don’t think there were any big names in it, but I think the actress who played the ghost/witch lady went on to have some success as a theater actor and character actor.


Film about young man who is forced to rape a woman who ends up being his mother

Last year in film school, I watched part of film about a boy who was given up for adoption (maybe forcibly?) to bad men in a foreign country. I believe to country was in Europe, possibly Italy. He grows up being forced to rape women who are held captive. The most shocking part of the film is when he finds out one of the women he raped is his mother. The film was released in the 1990s or early ’00s.

Heist of magical stone? using climbing gear

I caught the ending of this movie several times on cable in the 80s. It was in color, and the version I saw was in English, but it might have been overdubbed because it had a very continental European vibe to it, possibly French. Made in the 70s or 80s.

The villain was some kind of religious cult leader, I think. The good guys needed to steal some sort of magical artifact, maybe a stone, that was under very tight security. One of them asked how they were going to do it. The main character replied something like, “Simple. We’ll fly.” The heist involved the use of climbing ropes and carabiners to cross the room along the ceiling to avoid setting off the alarms.

When the main character finally gets the magical stone, its power turns him into some kind of half-monster, like half of his face becomes deformed. But it also gives him the power to beat the bad guy. That’s about all I remember.

A bunch of people locked in a dark blue-ish house

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to remember a move I saw like 10 years ago, maybe a little more or a little less.

There was a bunch of people locked in a house. All the movie happens in that house. It was a modern house that had a somewhat dark blue lighting. It always had that blue tint I think. I think they need to kill each other if they wanted to exit or something like that. It was probably an indie film, it seemed to have a low budget.