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1950’s B&W scifi where robots made a new type of robot…Adam and Eve

It has been many years, but I remember watching this late one night on cable. The society is run by humanoid robots who know the civilization is about to end, so they build a new type of robot that is self replicating called ‘human’. The robots built one male called ‘Adam’ and one female called ‘Eve’ but the new robots did not know they were built to survive and replicate. It is not until the end that we learn of the names of the new self replicating robots. This was 1950’s ? black and white movie.

Boy and girl runaways in France

I saw these French-language movies on HBO sometime between 1991-1995.

A rich man’s son runs away from his expensive school and meets a poor girl (an orphan, maybe?)  They fall in love, spend a year or so in a deserted cottage, and she has a baby, then his father finds him and drags him back to school, and the girl is left all alone.  This was a whole-box of kleenex cryfest.

And then, here comes a sequel, where the two are young adults, and the girl sets out to find the boy.  I don’t remember much about that one.

I thought this movie was called the Painter.

I saw this movie around mid 90’s, it’s a thriller about a man that lives as a painter(painting homes)/carpenter that is seemingly normal but he is actually a serial killer. That’s about all I can remember. I remember the guy being white, tall, and not fat but a kind of large stocky build and dark hair. I thought the movie was called the painter but I didn’t have any luck when I googled that title.

Deranged inmate turns into ghost and kills with the power of satan

Hello all!
I remember when I was a kid, I was watching late afternoon (…) horror films on cable TV (yes, they did that). I clearly remembered two cult films. After extensive search I found the first, it was Black Roses (awesome b-movie). The second one, I can’t find no matter what search I make on google.

It’s a story of a murderer or serial killer who is incarcerated possibly in an insane asylum. But “satan” grants him the ability to move through walls and escape every night to keep killing. The only one who finds out is the warden’s daughter. Then, with the help of a biker(?) they try to stop the killer, until the biker commits suicide (by driving his motorbike under a truck?) to become a ghost and defeat the killer. In the end, the warden’s daughter stands near a payphone, the phone rings and “satan” laughs as the warden comes and puts her in a straitjacket, which apparently is her punishment for soiling the devil’s plan.

What a great flick! Anyone know the title?

scene with miniture people or aliens on earth battle humans

hi all the tvshow   film or movie i saw was on uk satelite in the 90s but cant seem to find it.i remember at the time things like beavis and butthead was on mtv (yes i liked stupid things back then lol)and dennis leary doing stand up .so maybe from 93 sure i remember a scene where these miniture people where fighting  some humans and they may have got in a miniture spaceship or something to hide at one point .the film small soldiers  reminds me of it but its not that film.this was more gritty .also i think it was kind of a sci fi /horror/with humor and probably cheesy  but cant remember .they had weapons in this scene i think that caused quite a bit of damage for there size .think it was set in america .i cant remeber anymore as i was about 18 then…now 40 sigh

I remember this creepy weird movie

I remember this strange, kind of creepy movie I saw as a kid. I was on vacation in Key West and watched a strange movie with my cousin. I way maybe about 8-10 years old. It was on the TV, I cannot remember if she owned it or it was just on, but the image is burned into my brain. I remember one particular scene with a villin or wizard. He was looking at two kids or two or one protagonists threw  a christal ball. I believe it was purple and he was talking to some kind of creature. I don’t know what it was but it was terrifying as a kid. It was this big creature that looked almost like an owl. It was large and had feathers or fur and it looked like one eye and a beak. It also made weird noises wish caused it to be even creepier. I remember the man told the creature to retread the two children or people and bring them back to him. This was in the early 2000s and the movie was in color but it looked to be older. Please help me find out what it is~ Thank you

Very long, Weird burglary, clawn masks,

I hope someone here can help me!

it’s a movie that i saw around 6 ago on tv (not sure).

its a movie about a group people (5) that Break Into a house ans accidentally kill a woman, they had weird white masks.

in the end of the movie one of the mans is in hospital bed . I remember that the movie had a bad ending. The hole movie wasn’t really happy.

The jumping between scenes was also very strange. Rooms with to mush color and conversations about thing that didn’t fit in the movie.

I saw the movie when I was 12 or something, so its also possible that i just didn’t understand the context of the hole movie. It was a very long movie 3+hour including commercial breaks.




I hope someone here can help 😀

This movie featured a creature that was killing members of this town and ended up in a jail cell and…

This movie featured a creature that was killing members of this town and ended up in a jail cell and killed all the other inmates and warden in the jail (climax )and then more cops came and looked for the monster and shined a flashlight on it and it screeched and attacked a cop. I watched in in the early 2000’s and it was dark, most scenes were at night and it was in color. In English. The monster was either green or white. It crawled on ceilings. Low budget I would say.

Horror movie? about kids getting kidnapped in a neighborhood

It was probably early to mid 90s when I saw this. I think it’s a movie, but I suppose it could have been a show. Kids were going missing from a neighborhood, and they were being taken to a garage/shed/playhouse and they were trapped in the walls. That’s the big thing I remember- there was a black and white checkerboard floor or walls, and the kids inside would reach their hands up, like the floor would stretch and you could see there was a hand reaching, I think grabbing new victims.

aliens+stones on their forehead

I remember this movie from the 1990s , I think. It played on television all the time. It had to do with aliens that had colored stones on their foreheads and you were matched up with the same colored stone. I remember scenes where they went out into the desert to fight something but I mostly remember the main alien had a light blue rectangle stone on his forehead.

cartoon/short film, lost girl in cave with fairies?

I don’t remember much about this film. I want to say i saw this in the 1990s, Animated. It’s mainly one scene that I can remember. There is a young girl with long blonde hair and very pale skin. I want to say that she is naked and her hair is covering her body. There is a man following her and he is not attractive man but he’s not completely ugly. She follows a group of either fairies or flower creatures into a cave. And these creatures are bringing gold and jewelry and gifts to their mother fairy. The mother fairy is bigger then the young girl. The man finds an opening at the top of the cave and is watching as she walks to the mother. I do not remember anything else other than this one scene.

Skeleton Riding Bicycle

Hi all. The film I’m thinking of was a horror movie about a man who visited a village but couldn’t leave. The part that sticks in my mind is when he is driving (think he’s trying to drive away from the village) and passes a boy on a bicycle which has flickers on the wheels then further down the road he goes to pass what appears to be the same boy on a bike except it’s a skeleton.

I think it was early 90s

80’s Sci-Fi / Fantasy…

Ok, this has been irking me for 20 years… This was an 80’s movie, English language… A guy ends up with some kind of techno gauntlet / power-glove type thingy… I remember a scene where he’s handcuffed in the back of a patrol car and his gauntlet breaks the cuffs (maybe with a laser?)… He’s also time traveling / skipping dimensions trying to save a girl (of course he is, right?)… Any ideas…?

Fairly Recent Short Horror Film

So, I think in the fall or at least over the last several months, some site I like on FB, like Moviepilot Horror posted a link to a short horror film that might even have been a foreign film. There is a man watching something akin to CCTV in his apartment and he sees a woman being attacked and killed by a very menacing man in the hallway of his building. He stops the tape, goes out, and sees the same woman running by. I think at this point he goes back and watches more of the CCTV and sees himself fighting this guy and getting killed. He then goes out and, knowing what will happen from seeing the tape, manages to avoid the attack that would have killed him. I can’t remember whether or not he does die. It might have had a title similar to “Rewind” or “Record” but I’m at an utter loss. It was all very bizarre, but so well done that I’d love to see it again. I can’t find this thing anywhere.

European thriller movie with a hidden room

I think it may be contemporary to “Let the right in” (the 2008 original Sweedish one, not the USA remake), and probably is Scandinavian as well, though it could be German. Anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s from Europe.

I can only remember that there was some sort of hidden, parallel apartment. Someone starts hearing some noises (someone crying, or having sex) from the neighbours, and discovers hidden corridors and rooms. Doors and walls are broken to discover new spaces.

The tone of the movie is dark, misterious. It’s a thriller, with some horror elements as well.

The title could have some of this words: “hidden”, “next door” or “neighbour”.

I’ve forgot almost everything about it, but I know I enjoyed it very much.

Arranged Marriage, Rude Girl, Chandelier

Color, most likely. Possibly cartoon.

I remember a girl was going to be married to someone, but she didn’t want to.

She pretended to act disgusting when called down to dinner.

She says things like “oh, food!” and starts eating it. The guards probably are staring at her and she looks up. “What are you looking at?”

Eventually, she goes up on the chandeliers.

“I always wanted to do this!”

One of the servants looks up and says to himself “I always wanted to do that, too…”

Then someone comes in and she stops.

Movie about a wish

I saw this movie either in the 90s or early 2000s on TV; I think on Disneychannel? I can’t quite remember the time, but the movie in my head looks like it would have been made in the 90s or even late 80s. I think the plot was that the main character was unpopular in high school so she makes a wish to become popular and her life the next day is switched. She is popular all of a sudden and is dating the hottest guy in school, but it is all fake and she doesn’t want it? The scenes I remember are the opening, she is dancing very dramatically to the opening music with a red sash flying in the air around her I think? Also, I remember the scene where she lives her first “popular girl” day and she is in a field with tall grass and is looking for her crush or current boyfriend and is chasing him in that tall grass very dramatically. I think the person who granted her wish was some lady who was a shop keeper or fortune teller or something. These are all just small facts that I think I remember but I only can vividly see those two scenes in my head. Help!

Weird Exercise Alternate Universe Movie

I saw this movie when I was really young, like, I’m gonna say between the ages of 5-6 (2004-2005), and the movie was most likely on a VHS tape that my mother rented from the library because that’s literally all my parents did for movies when I was little. It was in color, and I wanna say Whoopi Goldberg was in it, but again, I was young, and I can’t find anything on Whoopi’s IMDb page that might be the right movie, so it probably wasn’t her. Anyways.

I think the premise was there were 3 (maybe 2?) kids, one who was a young boy (maybe 7-9 in age) and he somehow communicated with this lady through a TV and somehow the kid, his older brother, and some random girl have to go to this alternate world that I’m gonna assume is somehow in the TV.

The one scene I remember from this movie is a basically never-ending road with identical, white houses all up and down it. At the same time every day all of the kids would come out of the houses and start exercising. The girls were dressed in pink sweatshirts and sweatpants and jumped rope, while the boys were dressed in blue sweatpants and sweatshirts and shot basketballs through hoops. All the kids were in sync and did the exact same thing, and this black car drove up and down the road to make sure the kids were abiding by the rules (as in, doing whatever exercise they were supposed to based on gender). There was one boy who starts throwing his basketball at the garage door of his house, and he gets taken in the black car to some place that I guess was to brainwash him into abiding by the rules… And that’s all I remember.