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Robot Woman kills people by having sex with them (80’s?)

This has been driving me bonkers for years. There’s a movie where a robot woman has sex with men and kills them during with weird tools that come out of her body (some kind of spinning maces out of her chest, weird straws that suck out people’s insides, buzzsaws for ladyparts etc.) I think it was around the late 80’s early 90’s that I saw it on TV. Lots of people on the internet.

Here’s another description that I’m POSITIVE is the same movie, but they did not get an answer either, haha.

Sometime in the late 70s or early 80s I remember seeing a movie on local TV that I did not understand (I was a somewhat-sheltered little kid in those days). All I remember is that there were women in the movie who were robots or androids of some sort (perfect human replicas a la Blade Runner), who killed at least a couple of men via sex. I remember one scene pretty clearly in which one of these women had her breasts sort of start spinning like small buzzsaws out of her clothes, killing whatever guy was with her. Another scene I really vividly remember had one of these fembots straddling a man (on the floor, I think, with both of them mostly clothed). The man was enjoying himself at first, “Oooooohhhh, ahhhhh,” and then he started to scream and shriek. At the time I had no idea what was going on, but later on when I learned about the birds and the bees I realized that the bot-woman must have killed him with her vagina (something buzz-saw-y like the other chick’s breasts).

Does anyone else remember a movie like this? We never had cable (we were too poor), and it was definitely not something I would have been allowed to watch had my father been home/awake. My hazy memory tells me it was something I must have watched either in the afternoon after school, or on a weekend while my father slept in or was otherwise occupied. (And if you have trouble believing that scenario, consider that I saw Satan’s Cheerleaders and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark on TV under those exact circumstances when I was a kid.

I don’t think this was part of the “Bionic Woman” fembot thing, but if there are screenshots proving me wrong on that, I’ll take ’em.


Brightly colored Asian horror/comedy where man battles woman ghost each night before bed.

I think this film is either Japanese or Korean. I watched it in 2011 with my roommate who had received it on DVD from Netflix. The sets in this movie were very, very brightly colored–the main character’s house was painted in neons and pastels.

Each night before the man would go to bed, this woman would attack him in a variety of ways, so he would have to battle her each night before he could go to sleep. One night he finally defeats her, but in the nights that follow he misses her.

Weird one: Guy in Roman costume stranded in desert…

and he gets picked up by a couple in a convertable. Then out of nowhere (maybe it lead up to this, but this is where I remember starting it) the guy realizes he can make women orgasm with his mind? Seriously, it sounds like the plot to a bad porno movie but I think it was just a dumb comedy, haha. The boyfriend driving realizes something weird is happening when his girlfriend starts gets having a time in the passenger seat, he gets mad and kicks the guy out. One way or another the guy gets back home and is talking to an ex-girlfriend or something in her kitchen and he does his mind thing again, it’s pretty weird. I remember he does it to some stripper in a scene afterwards to so he can prove to someone he has this new ability. Thats about where I got bored but as I’ve gotten older I was look back to this movie and think “what in the hell was I watching?” I saw it when I was pretty young, around fifteen years ago give or take.

Second Coming of Jesus Comedy Short

It was a comedic short film that came on a DVD with he magazine “Total Film” (I beleive that was it) back in the 90s. It depicted Jesus coming back and needing a PR management team to update his image. There was a rap video, a shoe endorsement deal with a commercial, and other quick bits. Can’t seem to track it down online. I thought it was called the title I have to this request…

Thanks for any help!

College friends reunion at ahouse??

I remember details about this movie I saw on cable about a decade ago, but of course not the title, and of course none of the actors’ names. I hope someone knows something because it’s been killing me. Vaguely, I remember that it’s about a group of college graduate friends who are reuniting at one of the friend’s house. I think I remember the college they attended is Yale, and that the girl who owns the house married or is girlfriends with a local and at some point someone refers to him as a “townie”, so that might indicate the film takes place in New Haven? Probably. Also, one of the friends is a gay and I remember two scenes with him where he was reading something (I think it was some sort of erotica) and another friend grabs the book from him and reads aloud as to  make fun of him. There’s also another scene with the gay dude where he kisses one of the other friends, a straight dude. I remember the straight dude was handsome, and it was obvious the gay dude had a crush on him from way back in college — this scene happens outside the house, at night, I think. I remember scenes between the host who is one of them and her husband, the “townie” that are very where they argue among other things how her friends look down on him, and I believe at some point they have makeup sex because they’re going through a rough patch in general but I don’t remember the specifics of that situation. From what I remember the end of the movie is the reunion being over and everyone is packed and leaving the house/guests. I believe this film is from either the 80’s or 90’s. I know this is vague but I would appreciate any clues you might have or even the title. Thanks!

Student’s experiment turns him into adult

i saw this movie once on tv in the early to mid 90s. The basic premise was a high school student had a science experiment where he was trying to speed up plant growth or maybe grow super large plants. The experiment goes wrong and he is turned into an adult and pretends to be a teacher at his school where he falls in love with one of the teachers. Later he figures out how to reverse the experiment and turns back into his student aged self. The female teacher he fell in love with discovered his secret and the movie ends with her showing up in his class as a new student after she used the Experiment to turn herself back into a student. I’ve never seen the movie since and can’t find a name for it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Watched it from Under a Blanket

My friend saw this movie as a kid and it instilled a fear of public bathrooms for years. She says she pretended to fall asleep in the living room, fooling her parents, and saw a bit of a pretty scary movie – at least it was scary to her because she was a kid at the time.

I’m guessing the year of the movie was somewhere between 1992 and 1996. From what I understand it was something of a ‘body snatchers’ type movie where some creature would kill people and masquerade around in their bodies. It was most likely set in a school.

All the she can recall is scene in which a woman using a public restroom and something came from the ceiling and grabbed the woman up. The next thing you saw was her bloody high heel drop into the toilet.

Any ideas?

British film (1970s?), where clues are found in old newsreel footage

In this film someone searches for something via secret clues that are left in black and white newsreels from the 1930s (such as, I think, “Hop Picking in Kent”). Each of the newsreels ends with the name of the next newsreel to find. I am not sure whether the protagonist ever finds what they want. It gets hectic and confusing…

I remember one scene: the archive where they look for the film is an old underground government bunker situated in the middle of London, near Hyde Park.

Musical UFO

The clip I’m trying to find was from either the late 70’s or early 80’s. It was a comedy skit about a guy who sees lights in the night sky. They react to musical notes. The clip ends with the guy getting a pie to the face from the “UFO”. Sound familiar?

Brother forces sister to be the get away driver for bank robbery

This movie haunts me. In the movie, there is a brother and sister that live in a trailer. The brother is very bad and it is revealed later that he raped his sister. At some point he forces her to be the get away driver for him after he robs a bank.

The sister is saved by a friend of the brother and the brother ends up being shot in a shoot out between him and the police at his trailer.

Random details that I remember:
-a wanted poster goes up and the sister ends up cutting her long hair short
-the guy the saves her, I think, was trying to buy a car from her brother

Thanks for any input!

Woman drives over Badger in car.

I re-call a scene in a film where there is a desolate road with a Badger sniffing around the tarmac and a car speeds toward it on a curve.  The car runs over the badger and comes to a halt. A woman gets out and stares into the horizon, where there is a city or town with smoke plumes and the sound of gunfire and explosions akin to military weapons.  She shows no concern for the dead badger, staring vacantly into the distance.

It was in colour, maybe european.

Anyone know the film`s name?


Bill Bixby PBS anthology show – ‘Moon Ball’ episode

So Bill Bixby hosted a kid’s show on PBS in the early 80s (‘Once Upon A Classic’), that much I know.

However, I cannot find the title of one episode about two boys that found an alien ‘moon ball’ – a shiny silver sphere that would follow them and try to communicate with them.  It was an adaptation from a book (and I remember reading the book, too!  The alien was glowing and fuzzy in that!) but Google is failing me when I try to find the title of either.


1990s alien invasion movie aired on the original Sci Fi Channel

I remember a movie from the 1990s (definitely before 1999) which impressed me as a teenager but I have been unable to find. The movie concerns an invasion by extra dimensional aliens (I believe) which would open glowing tears in spacetime, attempting to enter “our” universe. The protagonists were a British military unit and a woman (potentially American) who was the civilian expert. I can’t remember a great deal more. It was certainly a B-movie and rather dark in tone — not particularly epic or heroic as many other films in the genre.  I can’t recall if the film was produced by Sci Fi channel itself or not. It’s very possible that it was filmed in the United Kingdom. Anyway, does this ring any bells for anyone?

Classic horror film, I think.

I believe I caught the film on TCM when I was about sixteen or so, so this would’ve been a decade ago, and I was home from school with a very high fever, so I was quite out of it. It’s definitely an older film considering the channel and the fact that it was in black and white. I don’t recall much of the story, but there was a pretty girl, possibly in her twenties and she was mute, I don’t remember if she could hear or not, but I believe so. It was storming out, complete with castle thunder, and she was in some sort of large mansion type house – whether it was hers or not, I don’t know. I think someone was trying to kill either her or someone else in the house, but again, my memory of this is fairly shaky.

Looking for a sci fi flick from the 80’s or early 90’s, but don’t have many details

My husband has a craving to watch a movie he saw when he was a child. All he can remember is that it involved a scientist doing some kind of research. There was an accident and some sort of machine crawled in to the scientist’s body and he didn’t know it. He seemed to be fine.


The only other thing my husband remembers is that at some point the scientist is in a car talking to his friend and truck comes upon them and his finger shoots a laser or something at the truck to stop it, but the scientist doesn’t do it knowingly.


He thought it was a movie called Misfits of Science, but we have only been able to find info a tv series, so maybe this is part of an episode or something, but he is pretty sure it was a movie. Any help is appreciated 🙂 Thank you!

1960’s outer space/alien movie set in a swamp

My husband is trying to find the name of a movie he saw when he was a kid. He saw it in the 70’s and he thinks it was a 1960’s movie. It was a little hookey, but he would like to find out what it was and watch it again. It was set on another planet that was swampy and the inhabitants would wear snowshoe type shoes and had balloons tied to them so they wouldn’t sink into the swampy water. It was almost like walking on water (but it was swamp). He can’t remember much other than that. Anyone have a clue???

Horror Movie

About 2 months ago I saw a horror movie about a woman being stalked by a deer like demon. I saw a lot of movies that night, mostly foreign horror movies from scandinavian countries and some european countries.
I don’t remember if it was in english or not since I saw it with subtitles.
The main character is a blonde short hair woman that moves or lives in a small rural town.
I don’t remember if she kills her husband/boyfriend but she does kill someone.
I do remember the ending since that’s what made me want to watch it (a friend recommended it).
The woman wakes up naked and goes to the door, walks out to the forest near her house and there the demon slowly materializes, revealing that it has a deer skull for a head. That’s all I can remember.
The movie was made in some where in the line of 2009-2013.
I just remembered about it and want to see it again, but my hdd crashed and I no longer have the list of movies I made to watch.
Thanks in advance.

80’s movie? About a guy on a swim team.

I’m 99% sure the movie was in the 80’s maybe very early 90’s.  In English and in color.

One scene I remember was that at the pool one of the locker rooms was closed (I can’t remember if it was the male or female locker room).  The main character was showering after swimming and had his eyes closed letting water run down him when 10-20 girls walk into the shower.  He didn’t hear/notice them.  One of the girls drops her towel and starts showering next to him when he finally notices her.