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Incest Horror TV Movie from the 70s/80s?

I remember this film about two kids (or maybe just a boy) living with their grandparents and constantly being scared by this creepy woman with long dark hair who seems to be stalking them

At first it seems like she’s the antagonist but later it’s revealed the children are hers (the product of her father’s rape). I also distinctly remember a scene (maybe the mother’s flashback?) where the father has the dark haired woman tied up and seems to be bleeding her dry.


Any clues??

Netflix horror movie, house that is evil and controls you

Horror movie on netflix where a boy and girl I believe is a couple, stay at a house that is evil, and controls your actions by playing mind ticks of some sort, I remember they had to set an alarm to remember to hydrate themselves because the time perception was different in the house…there was  murder scene at the end of the movie where the boy accidently kills his girlfriend in a wooden trap that was set for the evil house, before she died she actually called 911, they showed up right after he killed her and was arrested, the end scene was him being carried away in the cop car staring at the house

1990s kids movie. two real human girls chase a ball into the woods, meet a cartoon frog and other…

… cartoon characters, father time is the bad guy

okay. So I watched this movie when I was a kid and now i can not remember the name of it. These two girls are playing in their backyard and one they get into a fight or something and they end up having to chase the ball into the woods. one of the girls says that she will go get it nut the other girl doesnt want her to. but they both end up in the woods anyways and somehow they meet this cartoon frog. I remember most of the movie being in real life but most of the characters were cartoons. Theres a character in it that I have started referring to as Father Time but I don’t know what his name actually is in the movie. I remember being kindof scared by him. But he warns the girls about being in the woods too late or something. And towards the end of the movie time is running out and the girls are trying to get out of the woods or finish whatever task they have to do or whatever before time runs out and Father Time is just saying “Bong, Bong, Bong” over and over again. This isnt a very clear description but its all that i remember of the movie. Its bugged me for YEARS! someone please help 🙂

A Movie about Witches

This movie is set at a school. A young teenage girl recently moved to the suburbs and found a crystal that grants her powers. Her enemy is a mean girl who has powers from another crystal. I forget which girl  had a green crystal and the other had a pink crystal. Also, she was searching up facts at a library. This is all I remember. I never got to finish the movie, please help me find it.

Magic traveling keyboard?

This has been driving me crazy for a few years now. I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid, must’ve been an 80’s movie, about a keyboard that a group of kids used to travel to solve some problem. It was in color, in English, the keyboard would light up when they used it and I remember a group of bad things chasing them, one was a hairy wolf like guy. If anyone remembers this weird movie please share! Thanks!!

kids movie (i think)

I remember seeing this as a kid, so it had to be made before the mid-90s. I’m guessing mid-80s to early-90s, but it could be earlier. The only scene I remember is a little boy with curly blonde hair in a heavy green felt (?) coat. He is standing in a desert talking to a snake in a tree, which then turns into a man.

Man loses his artificial girlfriend and and goes on a dengeros trip to find a replacment

the movie looks like made in the 80s , the setting looks like mad max in a way of desert and bandits, in color, in English i have seen it on tv and DVD i always thought the girl was Meg Ryan but i couldn’t find it in her movie list or biography, it talks about i think a time in the future, a man who has a blond girlfriend who after an incident with water get her electrocuted and stop functioning, the man take her to fix her and  find out that her model is discontinued and the only place he can find a replacement is in a far and dangerous place which he needs a guide to take him there, he is given a name and goes employ this person to his shock it was a girl which in my memory looks like Meg Ryan, we find that she is replacing her father who died not long ago, he promise her lots of money and she take him during the journey they face a lots of obstacles until they arrive there to the run down factory and we see inside rows and rows of hanging dolls he looks for the one he wanted and activate her  then they try to run away back but they find that the plane can’t hold three passengers so the guide drop out of the plane and leaves him with his girlfriend to go to safety, he looks at his girl and looks back at the guide who is by now in an shooting fight with a group of bandits he then decides to drop his girlfriend and rescue the guide which he finds he has sinister feeling  for her.

thx for anyone who can help

Boy finds Water-Dinosaur Baby (Nessy-like) on Island or Coast – abducted by scientists

I remember this (Japanese?) animated movie that I watched about 15 years ago on TV…

It is about a boy who “finds” a swimming baby dinosaur (don’t know exactly what the species is called – it’s the Nessy type, I think!) – maybe it’s an egg first and hatches later.
The dinosaur’s mother has been stranded on the beach of an (tropical?) island or some coast and its HUUUGE carcass/skeleton is discovered by the public!

Later on, the baby dinosaur is abducted by some scientists, but the boy is able to rescue it and punches one of them in the face (or something along those lines).

Sadly, that’s all I can remember. Can you help me? 🙁

1980’s or 90’s ,pvie?

hi, im trying to figure out this movie i saw as a kid i dont remember much of it all i remember is a few mechanics go to this cops house and fiddle with his car and in the morning while still wearing his kinky outfit he jumps into his car to chase them but reverse is drive,left is right etc and i think the people being chased has to make it to city hall or something im not sure can anyone help me? thanks.

Couple in an Elevator

I remember this short film (or was it a commercial?) about a couple of people (strangers – a young man and a young woman) who got on an elevator together, took one look at each other, and imagined their entire relationship from falling in love to fighting to divorce (or was it death?) before they elevator dinged and they arrived at the top floor, glanced at each other and walked away as they left the elevator.

Children’s movie: two criminals loses key in their food.

All i can remember is this short scene from the movie. A kid is the hero and two grown ups are the villians (not sure what else to call them).

Anyways, the villans are cuffed to something or someone while the kid got the key. Something happens and the key ends up in their food (which i’m pretty sure is beans) so to get the villans free, he feeds them the beans and when they have eaten it all they realize one of them have swallowed the key.

That’s all i can remember. I don’t know if the movie is english or norwegian. I’m pretty sure it’s from around 2000, when the VHS Tapes were still a thing.

90s Movie About three girls exploring their sexuality

I remember this 90s movie that starts with the protagonist losing her virginity and doesn’t get an orgasm. Her mother is an artist and one of her friends is sex crazed and has dark hair. She puts an ad, or looks for someone online to find someone who will give her an orgasm. She ends up with a guy that she bumps into throughout the movie. There’s a scene when they bump into each other while she’s buying apples.

Also, her dark haired friend gets dumped during sex, that they are in a private school or something (they wear uniforms), and the third friend ends up with a girl from a band. I’ve been looking for this for days! Heelp!

Lady escapes prison in a casket and is buried alive

Hi everyone, so I’m not sure when this movie came out originally but I saw it on tv in the 90’s. There’s a female prisoner who makes a deal with a prison employee. The deal was that the next time someone in the prison dies she would go into the room with the casket and sneak in next to the dead body. The employee would wait until they actually burry the dead person and then go dig her out. So she hears (maybe a siren) or something that lets her know someone just died. She goes and sneaks into the casket next to the body. She feels the casket go in the ground and continues to wait. She realizes it’s taking long and she struggles to get matches out of her pocket and lights a match to see who’s next to her, only to find out its the employee that is supposed to dig her out. I would love to know if anyone saw it or knows what it’s called.

Woman receives harassing phone calls but turns the tables on the caller

This movie was about a woman who kept receiving harassing phone calls, calls of a sexual nature. Somehow she is able to find out who the caller is. He is married. She goes to his house and when he calls her again the mans wife is listening on the phone and hears all the disgusting things her husband is saying to the woman.

I think I saw this movie in the 90’s. That’s all I can remember about it. I just remember how shocked the obscene caller was when he realized his wife had heard him.

Movie from maybe 10-12 years ago

I remember a movie from about 10-15 years ago, I only remember a part of it. There were a man and woman living in the Netherlands (I think) and she came into possession of a painting the she didn’t want to part with. Times were tough,  (there may have been a flood or something?) and they were eating a lot of potatoes. She didn’t want to sell the painting even though they needed to, and she had dipped into the seed potatoes that were the next years planting. I think the movie followed the story of the people who came into the possession of the painting.

black and white movie with folks shipwrecked on island. surrounded by cannibal s

I first saw this film on the tv’s late late show of old movies in the 1970s and then again on television on what was one of very first dates in college with  my husband of 25 years.  It was black and white movie about a small group becoming stranded on a island. Somehow a small number can be rescued as the group realizes the cannibals are closing in.  An older couple and the anti hero (who I think was Peter Lorrie) are left behind with a gun with two bullets. The closing scene is the sound of two gun fire shots as the cannibals move in as the other group is rescued to safety. Thanks!!!

Alien in desert

My friend wanted my help with a movie since I’m big into movies, but I don’t know the one he asked.

all he told me was that he saw it when he was younger, he’s 18 now. He saw it on tv and all he remembers is a scene in the desert. There was a spacecraft that crashed and someone was there with it. He had a ladder or something and he opened it up and something spilled out.

??? I’m confused and also want to know what movie this is