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pbs color drama 1990s

color drama last seen on pbs television in bronx new york circa 1990’s.

a shy naive young filipino woman attempts to escape poverty
by marriage to an abusive blue collar australian man.
they live in a poor trailer park in australia.

she struggles to fit in with his friends and the neighborhood people,
many who dislike her because she is non white, filipino.

in one scene, while paying for groceries,
a racist woman cashier refuses her money (or credit card).

a militant filipino woman friend criticizes and encourages
her to leave her racist husband and to be a stronger filipino;
to stop her foolish attempts to fit into the racist austrailian community.

the sweet filipino wife then hosts a dinner for her husband’s
co- workers and their wives.
she alone arranges a bar b que-like dinner
served outside their tiny trailer home.
the wives and some male co-workers compliment her.

shortly after the guests leave, she is left alone to clean up.
one of her husband’s male friend /co- workers
lingers, attacks her in the trailer.
the home is destroyed as she tries to escape
before he savagely rapes her.

the husband returns, finds the trailer completely ruined
and yells for her, demanding she clean up the mess.

he then discovers her beaten unconscious body
and cries over her…

German ‘arthouse’ film with stunning actress

I am trying to find a German language film (which is in all likelihood also a German production) about a woman with relationship problems.

An early scene shows the main female character swimming in a pool (public, not private) with her husband. She is completely naked and filmed from underwater, and they are alone in the pool.

Her relationship with her husband deteriorates and they start spending time apart. She courts a young man of East Asian background throughout the rest of the film.

In the one scene I remember most vividly, she is seen riding through a car tunnel on her bicycle. At the end of the tunnel she hits and rips off the left mirror of a stationary car(standing in the middle of the road), which happened to be her husband’s car with him inside it. I suspect she may have done that deliberately as her husband had been waiting for her on that same spot before, in an earlier scene where she identically rides the bicycle through the tunnel.

In another scene the East Asian man visits her at home, where she tries to entice him while taking a bath, until they are interrupted by her mother who brings her a phone call from her husband.

She and her husband never get back together. The film ends with her and the East Asian man traveling on a subway/urban train late at night where she sits on his lap and kisses him while he is disinterested, after which they are seen walking to his apartment where she was anticipating to have sex with him but this never happened, he rejected her advances and behaved awkwardly toward the end. The next morning she wakes up in his apartment totally depressed for having lost her husband and having failed to make the other man her new boyfriend.

The German actress playing the main female character somewhat resembles Martina Gedeck and has jet black hair. She looked to be in her early 30s and was absolutely stunning. Her husband is of similar age, and blond & blue-eyed.

The film must have been produced in the 2000s, although early 2010s and late 1990s might also be possible. I watched it three years ago (on the internet) so it cannot be newer than 2012. It is set in a large or mid-sized German city, and many scenes take place at night showing empty streets.

The film is about relationships but the atmosphere of the film is very much gloomy, cold and not melodramatic at all. All the characters talk very little, and there is almost no music in the film. It is definitely a so-called ‘arthouse’ or alternative film and not aimed at mass markets at all, which is why my searches for it have been unfruitful.

A sci fi Movie?

I saw it around 2000s, it is a movie in color. There was these prisoner working outside maybe, digging something and the sheriff decided to kill them. and cover them in cement. They came back from the dead to kill the sheriff and also one of the prisoners son was in danger maybe.

B movie Cinemax/showtime skin flick

Have a weird memory of what must have been a Cinemax/showtime skin flick; some agent is sneaking around, observing some of the main female characters in the film, when they notice him, and one of the women (an extremely well endowed blond) takes the guy into a shower and they have sex, but he strangely keeps his hat on. The hat might have even had letters on it (like FBI or something). This had to be made sometime in the early 2000s, maybe even late 90s.


Anyone know what this was?

Teenage girl who enter a sect (I think?) and then escape from it

I barely remember about that movie I watched 3-4 years ago that was on the channel ARTE I live in Switzerland (where we speak French) and I’m pretty sure it was in english there were subtitles. I guess it was an independent movie or a short film whom I just remember some passages.

That was about a brunette young girl who shaved her hair when she enter a “sect” where the guru was really mean he even once pee on her when he put her in a hole as a punishment. They worked in vineyards or just yards and they had to work as a community.

There was a moment when a woman (maybe her mother) tried to make her come back but I cannot be sure if I’m just confusing two different movies.

I remember that at the end she just left with one of the group who followed her and they had that extra cool mini-bus like those Volkswagen one it was blue or turquoise that is the last scene of the movie. Then they just go out of the bus and laugh and walk on a long desert road.

Searching on google I found that movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene” which really look alike but I know this is NOT the movie I watched.

Thanks in advance 🙂

australian school children

I saw this movie in the early 90’s on tv.  I think the setting was in Australia.  The movie started in a single room school house in the outback when some thugs came and took them and led them to find something.  It  goes through their adventure of the school children of varying ages and their female teacher taking care of each other, surviving, aluding their captors and overcoming them.  I remember the final scene back in the school house with a body part in a glass container.  I loved the survival aspect of it and how they worked together.  I wish I could see it again.

Late 80’s/early 90’s action/robbery movie

The only scene image/plot idea I have is two robbers robbing a nice house (maybe on the beach). There are occupants in the house (maybe a   boyfriend and girlfriend) who end up siding with the robbers and maybe even suggest they change their tactic on what to rob. Despite the fact that I believe the girlfriend is there with a boyfriend, I think she falls for one of the robbers.

I’m so fuzzy on the actors that I almost hate to mention any, but I have it in my head that one of the robbers (which the movie follows as the lead protagonist) is a comedic actor like Woddy Harrelson, Steve Buscemi, or Danny Devito–a large and varied range, I know). The girl reminds me of Alicia Silverstone but could just as easily be someone like Beidget Fonda.

TV series about a Journalist/newspaper reporter

I would like you to help me about a TV series which I used to watch in my teens. This is about a Journalist or Newspaper reporter who worked in this office, he was tall, fair had blue eyes and always wore glasses he used to wear leather jackets and cowboy shoes and generally he always travelled from one place to another with a motor and he also had a dog too. He had an affair sort of with one of his colleuges. She was also tall with brown eyes and hair. I dont remember any particular scene from the series
Please help me with this tv series

Shocking end with a (possible accidental) sword kill…

I think that this one will be hard…

I have been trying to find and remember more about this movie but with no success. I was young and I watched in one of that sessions around 4am morning on a very shit TV channel…

From what I remember, it was a great movie. It’s not clear in my mind if the story was out of order or if it was different point of views from different characters.

I think that the main character, a woman (???) wake up without memory and found a dead guy with a sword in the chest. And then all the steps to get onto this are build during the movie.

The end was shocking, I’m pretty sure that she killed the guy by accident.

Guys, I need to have regular nights again, I can’t sleep without knowing what is this movie. I trust your vast knowledge…



Freaky kids movie with evil creatures- can’t remember the name

I remember so clearly this one scene of a freaky kids movie I saw years ago when I was little. There were big evil creatures (I think they were birds or rats or something) and they captured this human girl. They put the human girl in a huge black pot and it began to fill with water, essentially it was a way to kill people. Then a fairy (or something magical that was female) appeared in the pot, and granted the girl a wish. The girl then reappeared somewhere… I think a field. I remember this very vaguely, and I believe there was a little boy in the movie at one point as well. I know I didn’t just imagine this movie and I’ve been trying for years to figure out what this scene was from!! Someone please help me 🙂

18th century period piece

At some point the the 90’s I saw a film on tv (probably HBO) that was set in the 1700’s. I don’t remember much, but I was just thinking about it and it’s bothering me not knowing now.

I remember there was a decent amount of sex/sexual references. It’s not your typical pride and prejudiced, sense and sensibility type period piece. I’m pretty sure there were quite a few well known actors in it as well, I just can’t seem to remember any of them.

There was a point in the film where there was some sort of scheme for this one man to sleep with a young girl and take her virginity.

That’s all I really remember. Any ideas?

Movie about a blonde girl and a pyscho brown haired girl at some rich school

the movie is from the 1990’s plus. I watched it a few times on HBO channels when I was younger. I think the title starts with a C,and i also think mila kunis stars as the pyscho brown haired girl  but im not positive. this is what i can remember. A blonde haired girl goes to some rich school or club of some sort. The brown hair girl befriends her and eventually becomes jeaolus of her, she sets the blonde hair girl up and the blondie ends up in a mental hospital. the blondie hides her medication and escapes the hospital. she goes to the dance and ends up fighting the brown hair girl. the brown hair girl had a shovel. the movie ends up with the brown hair girl being in the mental hospital. thats the best of my memory pleaseeeeeeee help! thanks!

6-Film live action fantasy series crystal collectors?

Movie series spanned across 6 VHS tapes that I would rent at a Video Connection while growing up. In color, in English, rented films, don’t remember if ever on TV, had to have been released very late 80s but possibly up to mid 90s, I believe I would have watched between 1995-98. I remember the 2nd film having like a large alien race with bald/possibly Conehead resemblances that captured the main protagonist. I can’t remember if he traveled via spaceship or what. But those large aliens in movie 2 put him in a large terrarium type of setting like what a tarantula would be in, but I don’t remember if there were any threats like spiders, snakes etc. Film 3 brought the protagonist to a town and I swear one of the characters in the third film was basically a real-life raggedy Anne doll or something. There were other helpers in this town; a convention or type of fall festival was ongoing while the guy visited in search of the crystal or whatever it was he was looking for. Can’t remember films 1, 4, or 6 for the life of me, but I remember that at the end of film 4 there was a preview for the 5th one that included their spaceship or perhaps a subway train or something being attacked by like brown worm like monsters which was going to stop or crash what the protagonist was riding in. I feel like at the beginning of the series he may have been in his room on a computer and brought aboard a spaceship to begin the adventure. He may be brown/darker haired and have a new partner or group of folks tagging along eacf film or a new partner coming on board for the remainder of the adventure. I’m thinking he wasn’t alone. I can’t remember completely but I believe the 2nd film had a yellow vhs box showing large hands reaching into the terrarium, and movie 3 may have been bright pink as the box with the raggtedy Anne character on the cover with the main character and a few others. The ultimate questbor goal was to reunite their crystal shards or collecting so many pieces of a shiny substance. I don’t think they traveled through time, though it is possible. I never got to watch or find out how the series ended because the video rental store never acquired a copy to my knowledge. Please help me as I’ve struggled remembering this from my childhood since I originally watched them back then. Thanks in advance!

movie on Netflix?

Okay so I remember this movie that I think I saw on Netflix a couple of years ago. A couple is visited by a friend in their apartment. He’s freaking out saying they can’t go outside and that they have to keep the lights on. Monsters outside? It’s a pretty good mind f*** and unfortunately I don’t remember much else about it.

Girl’s death

I think I saw this scene on tv during the late 1990s to early 2000s. Though I’m not sure if it was a movie or a tv show but it was a white, teenage girl who was leaving a house but was followed outside by a teenage boy who hits her on the back of her head with a blunt object (either a baseball bat or golf club or something like that). The guy then killed her off-screen by repeatedly hitting her but as he kills her, it showed a close-up of her hand on the grass she was killed on as she stops moving

80s anthology horror film with canned human fingers

I’ve been trying to find this for years. I remember an anthology horror film (or maybe it was an anthology horror TV show) that featured canned human fingers. I saw this on TV in the mid eighties; it was in color and in English.

The following description might not be 100% accurate; it’s all a bit fuzzy.

So, one of the short films of this anthology film (or one of the episodes of this anthology TV series) involves a man that buys a can of human fingers (maybe it was his wife that bought the canned fingers). Later, he goes back to the store to complain about it, the store clerk says that it is a case of offer-and-demand; he explains that companies produce what people want. The clerk also says that he remembers the first time refined sugar was offered and how customers were surprised.

The man then goes to the complaint department of the factory that manufactures the human canned fingers and then [spoiler alert!], after some bogus explanation about partial human cloning, he finds out the hard way that the complaint department is the source of the raw material of the product (he falls in a trap on the floor).

In the final scene, we see a person opening a can of human fingers and we notice a very particular ring; we remember that the main character used to wear it.

Any ideas?

Late 90s Early 00’s TV Show

I remember watching this back in the early to mid 2000s, it was definitely in english and it was an episode from an anthology tv show. Definitely in colour and I remember the plot involved a couple (in their 50s or 60s) and they might have had a dog. Anyway it all takes place one night in their apartment and there’s a kind of apocalyptic event taking place; which they manage to survive in the end. I think the last scene was of them looking out their window at the destruction (might have been a flood or storm).

Good luck everyone,


Sci-fi space movie?

I feel the movie is fairly recent, maybe a horror movie, and this scene was on some sort of space craft. Ok, so I remember nothing useful bout this movie at all aside from this scene. A man sits down in the captains seat and to fly the ship, he places each hand into a bowl of gooey space gunk. One was on his left side an the other on his right.

…..and that’s really all I have to go on.