Cat Woman

I remember a movie, probably from the late 50’s or early 60’s that revolved around a woman who would don cat ears at night and kill people.

I’m not sure whether she supposedly grew them (i.e., became a cat), or she actually put them on as costume (i.e., symbolically became a cat).

I only know that as a young child it was terrifying.

8 thoughts on “Cat Woman

  1. Could you be thinking of the 1942 version of CAT PEOPLE? You don’t really see her though as a cat. It’s implied.

  2. “Blood of Dracula”(1957)?

    She is a young woman who turns into a vampire. When she does, she grows pointy ears and fangs and looks somewhat cat-like.

  3. Great suggestions, I’m investigating.

    Watched some of the Twilight Zone episode suggested — classic, but not the one.

    Blood of Dracula woman — disturbing, but not a match.

    Both Cat Girl and Cat People were suggested, checking into these. It’s interesting that the former is an unofficial remake of the later.

    I love the Kuroneko preview!

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