Cartoon series about two prehistoric men

It’s a cartoon tv series that I can’t find. I saw it in 90s. Series were like 15-25 minutes long. It was colored. Adventure/comedy style.

The main plot takes place in prehistoric times. There is a late dinosaur civilization living in a city, developed approximately up to a modern level. I think the main dinosaur was a T-Rex wearing cop or military uniform. Two main characters are two prehistoric men living in the wildeness.

One of them is an optimistic “inventor”. He is constantly developing hi-tech stuff that lack one single detail to make it work. Two examples I remember are a washing machine that used fire instead of water and burned all their clothes or a car with square wheels but otherwise fully functional. He tries out all his “inventions” on the second guy.

The second one is always pessimistic. Every time he falls to his friend’s suggestions to try out new inventions and other initiatives and suffers because of that. Every time after that he was saying something depressive like “I wish I died” or “I hate you”.

These humans had some random conflicts with dinosaurs. However they were more like a minor nuisance to the dinosaurs, who didn’t consider them a threat, more like a distraction.

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