cartoon movie about animals 1970-1999 color movie

when i was little i remember that we had this movie recorded from tv on a vcr.

i vaguely remember the plot, i know it’s about animals amongst them a woodpecker.

and the scene i remember the most is that somehow they ended up in a suitcase, and they are trying to get out, and the suitcase is in a flood or maybe in like the drainpipes or what it’s called. and how they got there is i think they are fleeing some kind if evil animal. and i remember that the woodpecker paniks and start pecking on the suitcase walls so that water comes in but more than that i can’t remember.

not sure but i think that they end up at one kind of casino (not sure though, so if the movie you are thinking of doesn’t have a casino in it it might still be the movie i looking for)

and in the end i think that they are on a farm and its a real boy that appears but i’m not sure.

and for me it was dubbed in swedish i think so i could be a film for any country.

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