Cartoon I Can’t Remember – A kid rides a creature

A couple of years ago I was watching the TV when this cartoon movie came on. I know it was a kids’ show, but I was bored and decided to watch it anyway. Now, I can’t remember the title or the characters’ names at all. I do remember a little bit, though.

There is a boy (maybe in middle school or older) who likes to draw monsters/beasts/imaginary creatures that he thought he made up. One day as he is walking home from school, or maybe somewhere else, he sees one of the creatures from his sketchbook. He thought he had made the creatures up, but apparently he didn’t. It turns out he’s something special, like a mage? hunter? I don’t know what they’re called, but they fight/tame those creatures and use them to fight. In order to train him and his friends, some dude takes them to an arena to fight or “tame” one of the creatures. Instead of killing the monster, the boy rides on top of it.

There’s also your classic two boys and one girl trio.

I don’t really remember anything else, so I’d appreciate it if someone can tell me the name of the movie! Thanks!

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