Can’t remember this one movie from when I was younger

I remember this one scene, and at this point it’s a very vague memory of it, but there was maybe a girl and a guy running along a dirt path or a shoddy road when a ghost carriage appears and decapitates the girl with a pair of hedge clippers (maybe), then turns around and runs over the guy. I don’t know the exact date it was released but it might have been around the late 90’s or early 2000’s. The movie was very dark but in color and in English. I think it was also about a group who explored a sort of haunted mansion.

6 thoughts on “Can’t remember this one movie from when I was younger

    1. I should have added a question mark by this one. The scene is of a couple decapitated whilst running along a path, however — It’s by a blade not hedge clippers. It’s from a black cab not a carriage. The dates don’t match, this film is from the 70’s. Also there is a mansion in the film, but it’s not haunted.

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