Can’t remember the Movie Name

I saw back in the 80’s a older Black&White Movie which was ” sci-fi ” range.

It had Military Personell, might’ve been U.S. may not…a Jeep was fitted with a Laser Beam and directed at a Rock formation, while it was on the Jeep drove right through the Rocks, and came out unharmed at the other end of it, then that Vehicle was inspected and found a ” Creature ” attached to it, which was removed and Studied….

Don’t care for it to be B or C rated…I just like someone to help jog my memory.

Thanks in advance

3 thoughts on “Can’t remember the Movie Name

  1. I know it’s in color but the special effects when the jeep goes through the mountain are black and white which is likely why you remember it as a black and white movie.

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