Can’t remember name of Christmas film

Basically the movie was about this kid who’s parents were fire fighters or something, and got him a dog for Christmas. They then got a call to go out, but the kid hid the car keys. When they do leave they like get hit by a truck or something.

It then skips forward to another Christmas, where the kid and his dog are living with his grandma I think. I think the dog then runs away, and the boy finds him and this homeless guy.

The guy has no memories but has visions, where he sees lost things. So the rest of the film revolves around the boy and this guy helping people find things that they’ve lost.

I believe one of the other characters was the partner of the boys dad, who was also called for the same thing; there was like a little girl stuck on ice but when he tried to save her the girl ended up dying. Which broke his marriage, but the kid and guy help him start to fix it.

It then turns out that the guy was actually the kid from the future, and had turned out to be a dick. But one night when he was sleeping with other homeless under a bridge he gave his coat to this young guy and ended up freezing to death.

After this revelation the kid then goes back in time to the Christmas where his parents die but doesn’t hide the keys, and they go and save the girl.

I think it was set in London, but I’m not sure.

I’ve spent the last hour trying to find it but haven’t had any luck, so any help would be appreciated

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