Can’t Figure This One Out even though i remember practically the entire plot

I saw it somewhere around 2015/16 so it can’t have been made anytime after 2016, it is also no older than about 2010 I think, though it could be as old as 2000 but I doubt it. The film was foreign and I’m not positive, but I believe it was either French or possibly German. Even though it is contemporary movie, it had an old feel to it. (it may have been in black & white but I really don’t remember) I watched it around the same time that I saw The Club (2015) and remember feeling as though the two films had a similar feel; slow-paced and unflinching and fairly gritty. It also reminded me a bit of the remake of The Lady in the Car with Glasses and A Gun (2015). So that’s all the stuff I’m iffy on.

Plot-wise, I remember practically everything about it.

The story starts with a boyfriend and girlfriend who appear to be having trouble in their relationship. The girlfriend is beautiful, blonde, and in love with the idea of a passionate love-affair which she seems to be missing in her current relationship. They live in a small and slightly rundown apartment and the girlfriend often complains that they do not travel or have passion in their lives. A distinct piece of imagery in the movie is a portrait of the young woman as a girl in what looks like a wedding dress/communion dress standing next to her father whose face is out of the picture.

The woman and her boyfriend get in a big fight and the boyfriend goes to a bar to cool off. While there, an older stranger starts to talk to him and proposes the idea of the boyfriend letting his girlfriend go off on a road trip they had been planning by herself and that this stranger will give her a scare. The boyfriend is a bit hesitant but the stranger promises it won’t be anything crazy and that the boyfriend will eventually come to her rescue looking like a real hero for the girlfriend and reigniting the passion in their relationship. The boyfriend reluctantly agrees, seeing their relationship as doomed otherwise.

The boyfriend returns to his girlfriend with a giant teddy bear, trying to warm up to her after the fight, but she has made her mind up on going on this trip. Throughout most of the scenes in the apartment there is this foreboding feeling like she is now being watched, to the point where she becomes somewhat suspicious of the giant bear gifted to her.

Eventually she leaves to go on her road trip where she fantasizes about meeting a mystery man who picks her up and whisks her away into a life of passionate love. Soon after her trip though, while driving through the woods she encounters a man/group of men who drive back in forth in a car suspiciously. She can’t help but feel as though she is being stalked and I think at some point her car breaks down or she is startled off the road and it crashes. The woman, afraid of this group of men runs into the forest to escape them. Though they seem to just be harassing her, I believe she ends up seriously wounding one of them or otherwise makes it to a secluded mansion in the woods avoiding them entirely.

She attempts to knock to ask for help from the men stalking her but nobody answers or is there. She finally breaks into the house when she notices a phone in the window, hoping that she can just apologize to whoever lives there. When she gets in however I believe the phone line is dead and soon after she hears the owner return to the house.

The woman almost goes to talk to the owner but it turns out to be the group of men that were harassing her and are still looking for her. She instead runs upstairs and hides under a bed in hopes of escaping when she gets the chance. This is where the movie gets super crazy.

The men turn out to be a group of snuff film makers and they have kidnapped another young and beautiful woman and proceed to film raping her and killing her on the bed the protagonist hides under, all the while the woman watches the leader of the group in a strange mix of horror and fascination while he oversees the snuff film being made. After the men are done murdering and filming they leave the room and the protagonist attempts to escape.

I can’t remember much of the details from there, but she at some point kills one or more of the group which I think consists of 5-6 men before being taken into a dungeon downstairs. At some point her ex-boyfriend really does come to the rescue, getting into the dungeon as well and helping her escape her cell before he himself is killed. She kills his assailant and as she is leaving the dungeon, she finds a huge library full of these snuff films, realizing that it is some kind of organized syndicate for wealth patrons.

(this part may be out of order) She sneaks downstairs and hides under a table just as the leader of the group comes in with his boss telling him he and the remaining men better find this missing woman or THEY will be killed next. It is implied that this man is possibly the chief of police or some type of high-ranking police-member. At some point the woman is found but fights and kills some of the others. The leader of the small group eventually runs away when he realizes he’ll be next since just about all his men are dead.

As the woman attempts to escape the house crawling on her hands and knees she is surprised to find the police-chief boss sitting in a chair. The scene is a bit surreal, she gives him a very surprised look and we don’t quite see his face I believe, but then she runs out of the home and a gunshot is heard. The boss, the one purchasing these snuff films for himself and other wealthy patrons was none other than her own father who commits suicide upon realizing it was his daughter his men were attacking.

The woman escapes to the road and ends up somehow coming across the leader of the small group who ‘rescues’ her and they fall madly in love. The film ends with the woman now in a beautiful flat in the city with her new beau, already longing for a more passionate life because hers has become mundane again. She is portrayed as a very restless spirit. That’s everything I can remember 😛

Weird movie but absolutely shocking and stunning and surreal. And I would desperately like to remember the name of it so I can buy it on blu-ray

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