Cannot remember the name of this movie!!!

i don’t remember much about this movie as I saw it a few years ago but it must have been made in the 80s or 90s, a husband with children has remarried I think he has 2 young boys, but his ex wife becomes extremely jealous and starts stalking them, at one point the husbands mother is in hospital and she tries to kill her when she’s sleeping, she teaches her children to play a game to scare their new step mom where they ask her to close her eyes, the ending of the movie ends with a car chase between the two women just as the ex wife goes through a tunnel as she is driving wrecklessly her car starts to tip off the edge of a cliff where the new wife attempts to save her by pulling her up but the ex wife starts to pull her down with her, eventually she falls off the cliff to her death.

I really can not remember this movie but I would like to watch it again I have searched every putting about this movie but have found nothing


please help!!!

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