Cannot for the life of me figure out this movie/tv show

There was this movie my sister and I watched as kids and we have snippets of memory from it.

1) Family of four (mother, father, sister, brother) and dog who are like, the living dead.

2) There’s this one scene where the kid is skateboarding with the dog to a park and he has the dog on a leash but the dog doesn’t do anything but like, tumble around because it can’t walk.

3) The kid also takes the dog to a dog show and tries to make it do tricks. The dog, I believe, is on the kid’s skateboard.

4) They, at one point, had a family move in next door to them and the living family had invited them to dinner. That’s all of that scene we can remember.

5) They kind of had creepy faces, like they were always smiling but only because the animators made it so they wouldn’t close their mouths.

6) They go on a vacation to Hawaii or something similar, and they meet up with these tiki guys or something and the tiki guys try to roast them over a fire or boil them in a pot.

7) There was also this girl, not part of the family, who is walking down the street at night, and all she can hear is the clicking of her shoes. At one point, she stops because she heard different footsteps, and thought someone was watching/following her. It ended up being a monster of some sort, probably the Boogie Man, and the monster/Boogie Man straight up consumed her.

8) We’re assuming it was considered a kids movie.

9) It was in color. We remember it being either claymation, or animation that looked very similar to claymation.

10) The dog had some sort of ball, probably tennis, in his mouth for a majority of the movie because the kid from the family had tried to teach it new tricks and make him do cool stuff.

11) The limbs of these characters would always like, pop out of their sockets.

12) It was probably made in the 1990s or 2000s.

If anyone remembers this movie, please help!


1 thought on “Cannot for the life of me figure out this movie/tv show

  1. You are remembering episodes of: Toonsylvania (1998-1999)

    More at:

    The “dog” one was: “Night of the Living Fred” – “Dead Dog Day Afternoon”
    The “vacation one was: “Night of the Living Fred” – “Voodoo Vacation”
    The “girl” one was: “Melissa Screetch’s Morbid Morals” – The Boogeyman’ll Get You Melissa

    Here is the opening sequence:

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