Can someone tell me the title of this movie?

So basically it’s a horror movie i watched in 2009 but can’t seem to remember the title and i’m not sure the movie was released in 2009 or earlier

The plot:

The movie follows 2 college students – a boy and a girl(the boy seemingly had a crush on the girl) who take the car to drive to somewhere but have an accident on the way and crash in a unknown haunted place. The place is all snowy and full of scary and paranormal activities occurring and they have to find a way to get out. Each time they carry out a plan and if it fails they run back to the car as quick as they can. The girl also starts having feelings for the boy over time and they kiss at around halfway through the movie only for the girl to discover that the boy had been urinating blood all this time(because of kidney damage following the accident)but he didn’t say anything. So at the end the paranormal activities get even more violent and the boy dies but the girl is able to get out of there and is found by the police.

Please can someone tell me the name of this movie? Anybody relate to it or have watched it?

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