Can anybody tel me the title of this movie? I saw it on TV over 20 years (1990 – 1994) ago, so I can’t…

…remember the name. It’s an American movie about a guy and his pretty, much younger and greedy wife. If I remember correctly he was in his late 30’s, slightly overweight and had a bit of a nerdish look. She was blonde and in her early 20’s. They went on a road trip to attend the funeral of the guy’s father. On their way the married couple were taken hostage and kidnapped by thugs because they thought the guy had a lot of money in the bank, I think. As the movie goes on the wife start having an affair with one of the thugs and cheats on her husband. In the end the guy and his wife were in his lawyers office. At first the wife thought they were there for their inheritance from her father in law. Instead she had to sign divorce papers without getting a cent. She had to accept this raw deal. Not only because she was an adulterous wife but also because she was an accomplice to murder during their ordeal. At one point during the movie the guy was thrown off a cliff but he survived. Ironically at the end he bought the piece of land surrounding the cliff for the beautiful view and have a house built there. In the very last scene the contractor asked the guy if he would like some stairs leading down the cliff. The guy said no, he’s been down there before.

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