B&W silent film- Pool house falling apart

B&W silent film. No dialogue at all.

Pool house with 2 workers, owner and cleaning boy. Only 5 or so people actually use the pool house, as it’s falling apart all over. A girl and her father come for a swim and the pool boy watches her undress and takes her panties, which she allows. A government man comes and gives them a list of everything wrong with the building, saying that if they can’t fix everything on it they have to close up. Everyone pitches in to help, such as putting a potted plant in a large hole in the ground.

Later at a building demolition, the girl’s father hands her his pet bird and chains himself inside. The pool boy sees and sets the bird free to try and let them know that the father’s inside. The building collapses, but the father is fine.

The pool boy finds a tunnel to a boat. Something about a bad guy convincing the girl to take an important piece of the boiler to sabotage the pool house, so some time is spent trying to get it back. In the end the pool boy and the girl sail off on a boat together.

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