B&W SF in abandoned city

The film I’m trying to recall was largely set in an abandoned city. The buildings are Brutalist in design, or at least built largely from cement, are fairly simple polyhedrons in shape and lack ornamentation. Something happened to the city so that it no longer supports life (or, at least, that’s what people say); the main character wears an environmental suit that resembles a space suit or diving suit (bubble helmet, bulky coveralls, gloves, weighty boots).

The film is black & white, and might be Russian (though that may be a false memory based in part on the architecture and in part on movies like “Stalker”).

There are a few details I’m not certain of, such as when (2000s?) and where I saw it (TV? laptop?). There’s a slim chance I’m confusing two different films, one of which would have been a short at the HPL Film Festival.

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