Brother forces sister to be the get away driver for bank robbery

This movie haunts me. In the movie, there is a brother and sister that live in a trailer. The brother is very bad and it is revealed later that he raped his sister. At some point he forces her to be the get away driver for him after he robs a bank.

The sister is saved by a friend of the brother and the brother ends up being shot in a shoot out between him and the police at his trailer.

Random details that I remember:
-a wanted poster goes up and the sister ends up cutting her long hair short
-the guy the saves her, I think, was trying to buy a car from her brother

Thanks for any input!

4 thoughts on “Brother forces sister to be the get away driver for bank robbery

  1. this movie is called “the last ride” made in 1994, with Micky Rourke and Lori Singer. The bad brothers name was Clem, but don’t know his real name. That movie has always stuck with me too.

    1. Oh wow, for some reason I was never notified that you answered this. I redid the search and this popped up with your answer. Thank you for telling me, I want to watch this so I can get it out of my head already!

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