British/Euorpean Dystopian Short Film

I watched this short film on a channel I can’t quite remember but it wasn’t very popular as far as I know. They were having a countdown of the top short films of maybe 2013 to 2014. It was an animated film, in color, and the characters had British accents.
The intro to the movie was a young man waking up in pain to discover he had been kidnapped,and there was a bomb embedded in his chest. He walked out the streets at night and yelled for attention from the people in their homes. They saw him but refused to help, closing their windows and turning off their lights. He then was cornered by a robot on patrol but was not caught.
The main character met a redhead boy who tried to kill him and used vulgar language. I don’t remember what happened directly after, but the main character was soon found in a large crowd of people at day time. The crowd was cheering for some sort of leader on a stage. After he entered the scene the main character exploded and was killed along with everyone around him. It ended with another man waking up in pain to hear the ticking of a bomb in his chest.

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