British (I think) Fantastical Non-Fiction Movie

The movie starts following a teenage girl and her bed ridden father. There are flashbacks to a time when a mother was present and the father was okay.

Later on at night, she looks over a balcony and sees two men interactive and some sort of incident occurs. She runs down to see what happens and ends up following one. The guy she follows gets hit by something and instantly turns to dust.

She follows the second guy and ends up in a “dream world”. In this world i know she has several tasks and makes friends with a masked man (pretty sure it is the one she follows). There are schools of fish that swim through the air.

One of the task requires her to talk to this very large being that has control of time or clocks. She also finds out that she is a princess or some sort of royalty in this dream world.

If i remember correctly most things are done in CGI.


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