British bizarre short film about a boy who sees a horrific figure that then murders his family for him

This is a movie that has remained with me since I was younger.  I believe it to be a short movie, the memories I have of it are fairly vague so i’ll try my best…  Really need to find this movie again as hopefully now i’m older I can understand it more.

From what I remember, it’s an all english cast.  Has a young boy who lives with his sister & mum {unsure if there’s a father} The scenes I remember are as follows:

Young boy is in the garden, his sister is going mental at him because her pet rabbit is dead.  She blames her brother but he tells her it wasn’t him.  Mother gives him into trouble.  I think for a majority of the movie you do genuinely think this boy has an imaginary friend. So he’s trying to point out it’s his “friend” who did it.

Second part of the movie i’m sure is the end…  Basically the boy wakes up in the middle of the night to see this tall lanky “being” murdering his family.  But he seems quite okay about the whole situation.  The thing ends up walking into his room & comes right up to the boys face.  That’s genuinely all I remember.  Please someone know what movie this is because genuinely it’s been bugging me for YEARS!

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