Boy, wizard, wolf, little pink guy?

I remember a cartoon movie about a boy who’s town and mother got captured by colorful hyenas that go by a specific name. He had to go on this long journey to find a wizard who could defeat the hyenas, and along the way he met a wolf who turns into a human, a little pink bunny-like creature, and a guy with a mosquito living on his shoulder.  The bunny guy comes upon  a tribe of Indian guys who worship him because he looks like their god. They eventually found the wizard, but before they met him/her the mosquito guy said that wizards are old guys with long beards. They meet the wizard who turns out to be a little girl. They ask her to defeat the hyenas, and she gives him a mirror. He realizes that he has the power inside him to defeat the hyenas. He releases his whole town and his mother and they all live. That’s all that I remember. This will bug me until I remember.

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      1. Looks like it, I did not realize “Hero Quest” and “A Warrior’s Tale” are the same movie and misread anniem03’s response. I’ll let you both share credit.

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