“Boy seeing freight trains from his window and daydreaming of becoming rich: Murder drama”

I remember a movie a drama or thriller from the late 1980 ties or early 1990 ties, in which a poor boy, living with his mum, every day from his room sees these freight trains with logos on – owned by tycoon, and he daydream about becoming rich.

 Later, I he falls in love with the daughter or granddaughter of this tycoon and becomes an executive of the tycoons company. As far as I remember, he pulls his girlfriend/wife down a viewing point on a cliff and she dies. Afterwards her sister (maybe twin sister) seduces him in or to find out what happened to her sister. He then also tries to kill her, when he finds out that she is trying to solve the mystery of her sister’s death, and if I remember correct, by pulling her out from the top of tower in the city.

The only name I can relate to one of the characters or actor is Jeff or Jeffrey, but I am not sure at all.

Can anyone help me with the name of this movie?


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