Boy runs away from home and joins pig biker gang… comes home and his house is exploded?

So I saw this movie when I was really little, my parents showed it to me (I was born in 2000). I  assume it was made somewhere around 1980-2002ish, it was probably 2003-2005 when I saw it.

Basically what I remember is that this boy runs away from home and his mean parents, and ends up with this group of dudes whom I assume are a biker gang. I also remember vividly that there were people who would wear hyper-realistic and uber-creepy pig masks (I think it was the biker gang??).

A specific still I remember is them standing near this green lawn, maybe looking up at a house or maybe looking at what remained of the boy’s house (which I’m almost positive burned down or exploded… I remember that a toaster/microwave/oven/etc. was an important point of the movie. Maybe it malfunctioned and burned down the boy’s house?)

Also when I asked my sister about it she also could not remember the movie completely, but she said that the parents were very materialistic and that’s why the boy ran away in the first place.

I’m not sure how active this website is but I really hope to get a response because this memory has been like haunting me for years probably (well not haunting–I’m exaggerating)


2 thoughts on “Boy runs away from home and joins pig biker gang… comes home and his house is exploded?

  1. The toaster-oven causing a fire/materialistic parents/boy runs off to have adventures is a ringer for Time Bandits, but there are no bikers with pig masks in that film. Hmmm…I’ll dig around a bit. Is it possible you’re conflating two movies into one memory?

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