Boy doesn’t know he’s a werewolf

I remember watching this movie as a child. I’m not sure if it’s a movie or a short story within a stream of short films. I believe the main character was a young boy who either was sent to live on a farm with an old couple or moved. He has these nightmares about catching animals and killing or eating them. He catches his care givers doing strange things throughout the film but the parts that stuck out to me were the dreams he kept having and a scene close to the end where his care givers rip the heads off of chickens and lick the blood, they give it to him and he eats the chicken and then turns into a werewolf. Up until then you don’t even know he’s a werewolf.


PLEASE tell me this isn’t something I dreamt up as a child. I’ve been looking for the name of this film for years. Every few years or so I think about it and try to find it online and of course, fail.

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