Boy and girl romance, teenagers, skinny dipping pool scene

This movie was in English and live-action. The boy had dark brown hair and the girl had light brown hair. I saw it on TV sometime between 2002-2004. Might have been Lifetime or PBS. Definitely looked like an older film, probably around the eighties? It was set in an earlier time but it looked like it had been released in the eighties. I distinctly remember the girl being asked if the boy was Catholic by her parents and she was embarrassed (I think he might have been Jewish?). I remember they went swimming and were swimming around in their underwear. Eventually, the girl said something like “I give you our… underwear!” (like a talk show host) and she took off her underwear and threw it to the side of the pool and then the boy did the same and they ended up kissing. I think later he ended up in a fight or something like that (something that put the girl in the position to worry about him) and when he met up with her later she was crying and threw her arms around him. I’ve spent hours trying to find this film.

3 thoughts on “Boy and girl romance, teenagers, skinny dipping pool scene

  1. could it be school ties from the early 90’s?
    dark haired boy light haired girl
    he’s hiding he’s jewish and she is catholic
    he fights matt damon naked in the shower.

    1. The character Sally Wheeler was not Catholic, she was White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. The private schools in this film were Episcopalian and intended for families of New England elites, who were historically Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Were a Catholic to have attended these schools during the 1950s – particularly Irish, Puerto Ricans or Italians – they would likely have face discrimination similar to the anti-Semitism depicted in that film .

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