Booty trapped Mansion?

So Anotehr movie I remember watching in the  late 90’s, again on TV so I’m assuming a film from circa 1980’s. It features a guy and a girl and this  big house they were trying to navigate, but it seemed there was anotehr torture/trap room at every turn. One scene featured them ina  room where the ceiling had descending spikes, And the guy managed to find a loose brick to weaken a wall to get out, which led them to a hallways with a dog, that led to them dropped down a hole into a room that they figured out would fill with water because of the  holes in the walls and the drain in the floor. There was a dead guy in the corner with a screwdriver in his hand, and the guy uses that to unscrew a hatch at the side of the room.

After they get done with that hullabaloo they happen upon a room with a briefcase full of money and an elevator. The girl tries to convince the guy to just leave and come with her, but he wants the money, so he sends her up and he beings to take the money out of the briefcase, but the case is ona  weight activated bomb or something, because when he moves the last stack of bills, the room blows up.

There’s a twist at the end where the girl is sitting in a bedroom, and answered the phone after she hears the bomb go off, and it’s a guy telling her if she  convinces anotehr guy to go through the same horror they did, he’ll double her reward. So I guess she’s getting paid to do this? I only ever saw the last half of this movie!

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