Bootlegger Noir Romance

I’m guessing early 1950’s, but I’m really clueless.
A young socialite engaged woman from the city is traveling somewhere rural when her car breaks down. She ends up at the house of a notorious bootlegger. I believe he primarily distributed hooch around in fast cars. I recall one scene where the live-in maid was warning the young woman about getting involved with the bootlegger, and I believe she included, “he’ll make you bark like a dog.” His nickname might have been “the candyman”. Sparks soon fly, and the woman abandons her former life and takes up running booze around with her new flame. After sullying herself for some time I believe she eventually ends up returning to her former life as the movie ends? The bootlegger looked a bit Bogart-like IIRC (probably a popular look for the time).

4 thoughts on “Bootlegger Noir Romance

    1. The original is perhaps more historically interesting, being late pre-code, but my gf and I both liked the remake much more. Thanks again.

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