Blonde angel carries kid from burning house

I don’t have much to go on. I saw a short scene from this film/tv show at a hotel room when I was a child. (I’d guess the film was made sometime between the mid-90s and mid-2000’s). I remember one short scene distinctly. There is a kid laying on a sofa and the house on fire, flames everywhere. For some reason no one can rescue the kid. A tall blonde woman in a white robe who is glowing (we’re supposed to know she’s an angel) picks the kid off the couch and carries him/her) outside to safety. That is all I saw. Both characters were white. The kid looked to be between 10-14 and I can’t remember the gender. Thank you!!

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  1. Not 100% sure this is the movie, but it sort of sounds like “Lady in White”, made in 1988 and starring Lukas Haas.

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