Blk & White Brit TV movie , drama

British Black & White movie from 40’s, seen in 50′ or 60’s as “old movie” on TV.  Drama of 3 sisters;  one dies, husband travels, her son goes to live with married sister.  There are problems because she has no children and the boy writes on her solicitor husband’s court papers, and other things, so there is a custody battle with the other sister, who is single and very interested in the widowed father.  The trial goes poorly for the affectionate married aunt, who called the deceased woman “the Loved One” to her little boy.  Someone has a bad stutter, either her or her husband, and that looks bad in court too.   Looks like the mercenary single sister will win, then she dies in a sinking ferry.  It could be wartime, and the handsome widower who is never home may be Van Johnson, who may be an American flyer.  I thought it was called The Channel, but I cannot find it.  Thanks for any help.

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  1. Mentioning Van Johnson made me think of The Last Time I saw Paris, but the story only remotely fits that plot. Two sisters, one dies, little girl instead of boy, second sister doesn’t die.

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