Black & White Movie – Young Motorcyclist & Older Woman

This movie a movie I saw on TCM 15+ years ago and I always wanted to re-watch it. It was a black & white movie, shot in either Ireland or the outskirts of the UK. The film was filmed probably around the late 50s to late 60s. It’s about a woman, around 40ish years old (maybe older), who used to take care of someone (probably her mother) and after that someone died she lives alone. Then a younger guy who rides a motorcycle, and might have committed a crime or/and is shady or/and is psychologically damaged, somehow ends up at her house and she takes care of him and falls in love with him. I think it ends with about a man on a motorcycle who has an accident and stays with an older woman. I THINK it ends with him dying (it might be that he drove the motorcycle off a cliff)

2 thoughts on “Black & White Movie – Young Motorcyclist & Older Woman

  1. “The Night Digger”(1971).
    Not b&w, but maybe there was a b&w version, I don’t know. Trailer is below.

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