Black man getting shot by officer!

Could someone help me? There’s a scene from a film or TV programme I can’t remember which it is. Where there is a black man walking along he street at night and bumps into a police officer on duty. They then proceed to talk then the officer chucks agin at the black man forcing him to catch it and therefore his finger prints will be on it. The officer then radios saying he’s found the suspect and he is armed. Following this the man pleads to the officer “please don’t do this, I have kids” or something similar, the officer then proceeds to gun down the man.

If anyone could help me with this I’d be really great full!

One thought on “Black man getting shot by officer!

  1. Sounds like a scene in Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black, though I can’t name the episode. A flashback scene, that explains the relationship with Vee & Taystee: Vee was her terrible foster parent who also fostered a young man. Vee used all her foster kids to conduct crime. The young man started selling drugs on the side, she got mad, had a cop kill him in the manner you described.

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